During our last event in the UK, the Zoho team had a chance to visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace, where they chanced upon a previously undiscovered sonnet. We share it with you today in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday.

docs_shakespeare_blogTo Share, Or Not to Share – That’s the Question

While creeping through the ether, in search both
far and wide, I’ve often found things lacking
when I’ve tried to write online. No mere oath
can decry the doc tools that are slacking.

Authorship with ease, comments not a chore.
A place to share, to edit, and to grow,
With a great UI that nev’r proves a bore.
Oh where should I seek, does anyone know?

But hark! What now? A place with this and more?
A suite to manage projects in all stages,
Where all drafts are saved, and templates galore!
At last! A tool to organize my pages.

What be here that my little eye perceives?
‘Tis Zoho Writer, and all pain relieved.

– Emily

Editor’s Note: Emily Sloan-Pace is one of the newest members of the Zoho team. Emily is Zoho’s Professor-In-Residence, where she focuses on content and communication, part of Zoho’s alternative approach to professional education. Previously, Emily was a Lecturer at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she taught Writing, Literature, and -you guessed it-, Shakespeare.

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  1. Anand Narayanan

    Strewth, is it the Bard reborn
    Or another poetic ace
    Heigh! No more will we be forlorn
    For here’s Sloan-Pace!