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Zoho Discussions is commonly used for Private Community for Employees.

Community-powered Innovation

Community-powered Innovation

Innovative products and services - the kind that customers will actually want to pay for - is a result of many factors. A very important one is understanding what your customers like and don't like about your products - and even the competition's. With Zoho Discussions, you can gain insights into what your customers want. You can do this implicitly, by listening to the conversation they have about your products while they use them daily, and you can also do this explicitly - by asking them specific questions geared to uncover unmet needs or to evaluate product prototypes. With Zoho Discussions you can get almost real-time feedback. Of course, some dicussions you'll want to keep more private, away from the prying eyes of your competition. You can do that too.

Intranets, Employees and Private Groups

Intranets, Employees and Private Groups too

Keep your employees engaged around important company topics - from what they think about benefits to suggestions for improving products and customer service. With Zoho Discussions you can create company-only discussion Community where everyone can join the conversation. And in medium-to-large environment, a discussion board is a much better alternative to long e-mail threads. Beyond the company walls, Zoho Discussions can help you with private Community where employees can engage with vendors and partners.

Open Source Community

Online community for Open Source Projects

Zoho Discussions enables open source projects to set up an online community, where a large amount of developers can interact and build projects on a collaborative environment. It allows open source project members to interact directly with their peers and share code, conduct reviews, fix bugs and create highly reliable software. Join open source projects -like jQuery- who have migrated to Zoho Discussions. We offer an extended free plan and also a deeply discounted edition - both are exclusive for Open Source projects.

Leverage the Power of Your Community

Your employees to discuss about important topics and exchange their knowledge in a closed group.

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