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Zoho Discussions is an online forums software that helps you to create external and internal communities where problems are solved, topics are discussed and ideas are exchanged. Customer support forums where solutions come from support reps and customers alike; Ideas forums where customers can make their voices heard; Employee forums for having important conversations in a better environment.

7 Top-Ranked Zoho Discussions Features

Topic Types Screanshot
Not all discussions are created equal. Users can choose if their post is a question, an idea, an announcement or a problem. This not only makes information easier to scan for users - but it also dictates what happens when other users respond. For example, if it is an idea, then voting features are enabled. If it is a question, users can choose the "best answer" among all the replies.
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You can follow other users and get notified on their updates and activities, ping experts and friends over integrated chat and discuss in real time. You can receive these updates not only when you are in the portal, but also over email and feeds. Zoho Discussions also provides widgets and gadgets, which promote top contributors.
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We know your brand matters - and that you want to provide a consistent visual experience to your customers throughout your website. With Zoho Discussions, you can get full branding control of your discussion boards - logo, colors, your own URL and more.
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Multiple boards and sub-boards keep your content organized. Users can apply labels to the posts to make them easier to find. You can give your users different badges - so you can distinguish between "official" responses and community ones, or so you can recognize publicly those users who contribute the most.
Easy Moderation Screen shot
Remain in control of the conversations that happen around you. With Zoho Discussions, you can easily moderate both posts and users. And the built-in forum spam control makes it easier for you. You can also set-up multiple moderators, so you can divide the work of keeping the community running smoothly.
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Zoho Discussions includes powerful Search and Advance-Search with Drill-Down so your users can find what they are looking for. And with the SEO options, you can also make the content in your boards more visible to the search engines. But users can also have the content find them - for example, using the built-in RSS subscriptions, or by following a given user or a topic, they will get instant alerts whenever there is new content that interests them.
feedback Widgets Screen shot
Zoho Discussions facilitates you to embed feedback widget on your web pages to capture and categorize all your customer concerns. With this widget, your customers can drop in their queries, demands and appreciations, which can be transformed as a post in your forums. Alternatively, if you'd like your customer feedback to be private, then you can also receive it through your email.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Zoho discussions

    1. A Better Customer Support Experience
      A Better Customer Support Experience

      Tap not only the knowledge of your support reps, but also leverage the knowledge and real-world experiences of your customers. Provide a quick and easy way for your users to find the information they are looking for - before they even contact you.

    2. Get Insights Into What Your Customers Want
      Get Insights Into What Your Customers Want

      Keep your customers coming back and telling you what they like about your product, what they do not and what they wish you did in the future. With Zoho Discussions, you can see what matters most to them. And of course use the voting feature to get specific feedback.

    3. Control of Your Brand
      Control of Your Brand

      You remain in control of everything that happens in your site and around your products and services. From the look and feel to what is allowed in the board.

    1. Quick Setup Panel
      Quick Setup Panel

      Start engaging your users and create a community in a few simple steps. Because it is hosted by Zoho, there's nothing to install. You can be up and running with your own, fully-customized discussions board in less time than you think.

    2. The Zoho Advantage
      The Zoho Advantage

      Setup instant messaging amongst community members, facilitate member login via Zoho / Google / Y! / Other Open Ids, Mail integration, Spam filter integration - all with a few clicks.

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