What's New in Zoho Directory




Slack provisioning is now LIVE


Zoho Directory admins can now provision users to the business chat app Slack.

Quick view of role-based permissions


Respective role-based permissions can be viewed under the roles tab.

Password reset flow updated


The password reset flow has been updated for better security. Admins can only reset passwords for users whose primary email has been verified in Zoho Directory.


Amazon AWS provisioning is now LIVE


Amazon AWS is now supported for provisioning.

Device Authentication Enhancements

  • Ability to change the local account name with added flexibility to choose a dynamic user name (Only supported for Linux devices now) 
  • Enroll, assign, and deassign devices directly from the User tab in ZD 
  • Redhat and Fedora distros now supported by ZD Device Authentication for Linux



Apart from supporting other identity sources, ZD now supports user sync through CSV-as-a-source feature. 

This is especially helpful for businesses who maintain user information in the CSV format.

Bulk User Provisioning


Admins can now import many users from third-party applications through provisioning with ease.



Sync your users from JumpCloud and Okta into Zoho Directory.


Identity sources Okta and JumpCloud are now available in Zoho Directory Store. 

Admins can now sync users from these sources into Zoho Directory. (Users and groups provisioning supported for Jumpcloud, user provisioning supported for Okta)

Change Owner for Directory Store


When a store owner is deactivated from Zoho Directory, the sync between the store and ZD is lost. 

This feature enhancement allows the admin to change the owner and prevent loss of sync with the store.


Zoho Directory Store now supports multiple identity sources

In Directory Stores, admins will now be able to add multiple identity sources (aka Stores) and perform CRUD operations.

Delete Store


Delete Store option is now LIVE for Zoho Directory Stores.

We have added the delete store option in Zoho Directory, though which inactive and incorrect Directory Store configurations can be removed.

Default Group for Stores


When a new Store is added to Zoho Directory by the admin, a default read-only group is created for users synced from the new store. 

This enhancement helps create distinct user groups based on the identity source, and admins can easily assign security policies to these groups.

Zoho Directory now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC)

New Feature

Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for custom apps that are built using OIDC is also possible now with Zoho Directory.

With the inclusion of this feature, the two major identity protocols SAML and OpenID Connect are supported by Zoho Directory.


Automate your identity management with the new Zoho Flow+ Zoho Directory integration.

New Feature
The Zoho Flow integration helps admins configure workflows to any app that trigger on actions such as 'user created', 'user added to group', and more.