Why is MFA important for your business?


Acts as the first line of defense for your business


It can block all unauthorized logins


It’s compatible with SSO and improves your employees’ login experience

One login. Many factors.

Easily configure MFA for your business and choose any of the factors including biometrics , time-based OTP, and QR code. Zoho Directory also supports authenticator apps, SMS-based OTP, and hardware-based authenticators like YubiKey.

You can also choose to set-up MFA with our native authenticator app- Zoho OneAuth.

One login. Many factors
One login. Many factors

Secure your authentication. Protect your organization.

Zoho Directory’s MFA adds multiple layers of security to your business while also being easy to set up.

Along with MFA, Zoho Directory’s Security Policies feature helps you frame and enforce contextual policies. Framing these org-level policies are critical to protect your business from external and internal threats.

Become compliance ready with MFA reports

Get a 360° view of multi-factor authentication information, with ZD’s MFA reports. You can also keep tabs on your users’ sign-in activities and act on suspicious logins.

Authentication information becomes key when your business is preparing for compliance audits like SOC 2 certification and ISO 27001.

compliance mfa reports
Zoho OneAuth

Zoho OneAuth authenticator

A complete authenticator from Zoho for all your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) needs. Download now for free to experience secure enterprise-grade authentication, passwordless login and more.

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