Set a value to a variable

Set a Variable's Value

To assign a value to a variable using Invoke Connector, the following code snippet can be used in your custom function.

Sample Code

m = map();
m.put("apiname", ("testplugin.AccountID"));
m.put("value", "10000");
resp = zoho.crm.invokeConnector("crm.set", m);
info resp;


Map() function is used to map any dynamic value present in the connector to the fields of Zoho CRM.

Here AccountID is the Variable and 10000 is the value associated with it.

Sample API Response

Upon executing the custom function, you will get the following API response showing a particular value associated with a variable.

The API response for the case mentioned above is :

{"response":"{\"AccountID\":\"10000\",\"message\":\"New value updated successfully.\"}","status_code":"200"}

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