Send Mail Statements

Send Mail Statements


The Sendmail task can be used to send emails from your Zoho Platform. For example, you can invoke the sendmail function from deluge script. To avoid spam email messages, if the From: address is not a zoho.adminuserid or zoho.loginuserid, the To: address can only be zoho.adminuserid and the sendmail task cannot have any CC: or BCC: address.

You can also directly specify the address in the To: field within quotes, for example "", if the to address remains the same for all the records. To send mail to the email ids specified in each record, use the input.<map>.get(<field_name_of_type_email>), which will replace the value of the email id in each record. The subject and message fields can be customized to suit the user requirements. Again, the input.<map>.get(<field_name>) can be used to substitute the value of the record.


From : <string expression>
To : <string expression> 
Subject : <string expression> 
Message : <string expression> 


  • To- the mail recipient
  • From- the sender
  • Subject - the text you want to display in the message subject
  • Message- the text you want to display in the message body
  • <string expression> - deluge expression evaluating to valid email address in case of From and To and any valid string in case of subject and message. subject and message are optional parameters. To know in detail about the expressions in Deluge, refer to Expressions .


  • The email sent will have the email id of the application owner or the email id of the login user, as the From address. If the From: address is not a zoho.adminuserid or zoho.loginuserid, the To: address can only bezoho.adminuserid and the sendmail task cannot have any CC: or BCC: address.
  • If your Form is accessed by users without logging in to Zoho Creator, the variable zoho.loginuserid will be set as “Public”. As “Public” is not an email address, the send mail action fails to execute. 



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