Search Records

Searching Records

The zoho.crm.searchRecords() method enables you to search records in CRM by expressions of the selected columns.


<CRM Response>= zoho.crm.searchRecords("<moduleName >", "<criteria>", fromIndex, toIndex);


<CRM Response> is the map variable returned by CRM as response.

<moduleName> refers to the name of the CRM module

<criteria> must be in the following format: ( <colName> | <operator> | <colValue> )

Regular Expressions

You can specify the following expressions in the criteria :

  • is OR =
  • isn't OR <>
  • contains(*srcString*)
  • starts with(srcString*)
  • ends with(*srcString)
  • doesn't contain
  • < OR is before
  • > OR is after
  • <=
  • =>


crmResp = zoho.crm.searchRecords("Leads", "(Email|=|");

crmResp = zoho.crm.searchRecords("Accounts","(Account Name|starts with|A*)");

  Response Format

"SIC Code":"0",
"Account Owner":"Test",
"Account Name":"Test",
"Account Number":"0",
"Created By":"Test",
"Annual Revenue":"0",
"Created Time":"2010-07-06 10:15:01",
"Modified By":"Test",
"Modified Time":"2011-11-21 10:00:14"

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