Language Basics

Language Basics

Here, you will be introduced to a number of useful basic concepts that will help you start working with Deluge Scripting. It will provide you with the basic information to get started and get the most from Deluge Scripting Language.


An expression is a combination of one or more explicit functions, variables, operators and constants. It is a valid unit of code that can be evaluated to a single value or object.

String Expression  | Numeric Expression  | DateTime Expression  | Boolean Expression 


An operator is a code element that acts on one or more values in an expression or statement.

Arithmetic Operators  | Relational Operators  | Conditional Operators  | List Operators 

List Manipulations 

List is an ordered collection of values, which provides methods to store, retrieve and manipulate aggregate data.

Create List  | Add  | Remove index  | Remove element  | Add all  | Remove all  | Clear  | Sort  | For each element  | For each index 

Map Manipulations 

Map is a general way to store values. The Deluge Map collection interface allows you to map unique keys to values. A key is an object that is used to retrieve a value.

Create Map  | Put Key  | Put All Key  | Remove Key  | Clear Map 

System Variables 

Learn the different date and string variables you can use in Deluge Scripting Language.

Date Variables  | String Variables 

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