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You can delete a record in Zoho CRM using the invokeConnector() Deluge task.


<m> = { "module" : "<module name>", "id" : <record id>};
<CRM Response> = zoho.crm.invokeConnector("crm.delete", m);

<CRM Response> is the map variable returned by CRM as response.
<module name> is the name of the CRM module from which the record will be deleted. Forexample, "Leads" refers to the Leads module.
<record id> is the ID of the CRM record to be deleted.
<m> is the map variable that holds the key,value pairs. The map key is the label name as specified in the CRM module and the map value is the field value as submitted in the ZC form. For example, "Mailing Street" : (input.account).get("Billing Street") . Here, "Mailing Street" is the label name of the crm module and (input.account).get("Billing Street") refers to the value specified in the Mailing Street field in the account module map.


deleteRecordMap = map();
deleteRecordMap = { "module" : "Leads", "id" : "1298737000000098017" };
deleteResp = zoho.crm.invokeConnector("crm.delete", deleteRecordMap);
info deleteResp;

Mentioned below is the response generated for the above code:


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