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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is an Extension ?

A Extension is a set of components and customisations that are packaged and they add a specific set of features to Zoho CRM. They enable developers to create functionalities that are not yet available in Zoho CRM, thereby extending the capabilities of Zoho CRM. You can also create extensions that integrate with other third party services.
Zoho is also coming up with the all new Zoho Marketplace which will be the primary online destination to list all your extensions which you have created using the Zoho Developer Console. The customers have an ease of access to all of the extensions which you have created and they can install it directly from the Zoho marketplace. Thus it opens a lot of business opportunities as it gets witnessed by more than 17 million customers of Zoho. 

 Why build extensions for Zoho CRM ?

The usage of the CRM systems in all industries has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years. Zoho CRM helps in streamlining the sales,marketing,customer support and inventory management of any organization irrespective of their size. Building extensions for Zoho CRM will open new avenues for your business not just with your users but with all Zoho CRM users. There are three main reasons for building an extension : 

  • Zero development cost involved.
  • Individual Pricing plan which lets you to price the extension to be free or monthly or recurring is an added advantage.
  • A better performing app is always welcomed in the online market and thus attracting a large number of new users which indirectly means a better advertisement for your business.

 How can I start building an Extension?

The first step in building an extension is to get access to Zoho Developer by signing up for a developer account at http://developer.zoho.com . Once you gain access to the Developer console you can readily create your extensions from there.

Here is how you go about doing it :

 Step 1 : Log in to Zoho Developer Console and click Build Extensions for Zoho CRM in the home page.

 Step 2 : In the Extensions for Zoho CRM page, click Create Extension.

 Step 3 : Once selected you can name your extension and start customising.

Step 4 : Upon completion, you can publish your extension.

 Step 5: Now, you will have the Extension URL which can be used to install in any specific CRM  instance.

 How can I integrate other services using extensions ?

You can also create extensions that can integrate with other third party services like ( Example : Dropbox, Pandadoc, Mailchimp etc ). Please refer this link  for the step by step process.

 How can I test the extension I created ?

In the Extension Details page, you have 'Test your extension' section in the right top corner which will lead you to the Sandbox environment. You can test the functionalities which you have customised in the extension before you publish it.

 How can I manage pricing and distribution of an extension ?

Extension pricing can be set as free or one time payment or recurring monthly payment. When you create your extension in the Developer console you have option to setup the appropriate pricing plan and define the price.

 What are ways in which I can release the extension ?

Once you publish your Extension, you can choose to release the extension in two ways. 

As Private Extensions :
Private Extensions are those extensions where you want to give personal access. Not everyone knows the URL to download. This is more restrictive and helps in case you want to limit the reach of your extension for various reasons. This is how you expose the Private Extension URL to your customers/users - Upon publishing the Extension URL which is generated has to be shared with your clients. You could send the URL privately in an email.

As Public Extensions published in Zoho Marketplace :
Public extensions are those that are published in the in the Zoho Marketplace. Your clients can click on it and download the extension to their system. This is how you make your extensions public -

  • When you publish the extension you will be provided with a checkbox to select if you want to have it in the Marketplace.
  • Upon selecting the checkbox, your extension will be submitted for a review and after which it will be displayed in the Zoho Marketplace.
  • Subscribers can purchase the extension directly from the marketplace.

 How can a user install the extension ?

Once your extension is published, you'll be provided with an extension URL (based on your choice of Public or Private Extension) which can be shared to your subscribers. It'll help them installing the extension on their Zoho CRM instance. A subscriber can also install your extension from the Marketplace.

 Can I brand my extension with a logo ?

Yes! Extension supports branding and you can have your logo which will mark your brand.

 Who handles the customer support raised by the Extensions usage ?

The developer of the Extension will be handling the support questions raised by the subscribers.

 How can I publish my extension in the marketplace ?

When you publish the Extension after your customizations, check the box for listing it in the Marketplace. Your extension will be submitted for a review and thereafter listed in the Marketplace.

 What is a review and how long does it take for the extension to be approved ?

Every extension that has to be listed in the Zoho Marketplace will be approved by the Review Team at Zoho. It would take 48hours for reviewing and then your extension gets listed in the Zoho Marketplace. You will also be notified with an email upon reviewing.

 Are there any limitations on the number of extensions that I can showcase in the marketplace?

No. We do not follow any limitations on the number of extensions which you can showcase in the Marketplace

 How will the payments reach an Extension developer ?

Payment will be processed on a monthly basis to the developer. The sum generated must be at least $100 or more and only then the payment will be processed.

 I want to enhance my extension.Is it possible to add features to it and release a new version ?

Yes! You can always enhance your extensions and the enhancement will reflect for the customer only when they install the latest version.

 Who can I reach for help when building an extension?

You can always write to us at : extensions@zohodevelopers.com for any extension related queries.



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