Zoho Marketplace

The Zoho Marketplace enables developers to list the applications they’ve created with Zoho Developer console. Once an application has been listed, other Zoho Creator customers will be able to purchase and install it directly from the marketplace.

The Zoho Marketplace offers developers a new opportunity to generate revenue by selling their unique application solutions to the larger Zoho community.  Not only does this bring the Zoho community closer together, but it rewards ingenuity and smart design at the same time.


Selling is hard, Zoho Marketplace makes it easy.

You're a developer- let us handle the sales. With Zoho Marketplace, your extensions will be listed and sold alongside the top Zoho Creator applications. We have over 300,000 customers just waiting to discover your application; let's make it easy for them. Here's what to expect with a Marketplace listing:

An established customer base
Listing your application in Zoho Marketplace will give you access to over 300,000 customers.

Quality Control
We have guidelines to ensure the applications listed in the Marketplace are top quality. Your customers will know that seeing your application listed means you've made the cut.

Secure payment processing
To give you a hassle-free experience, payments are managed by Zoho.

A mutually-beneficial partnership
Your applications make our core product more flexible. We make sure to treat our development partners right, providing top-shelf customer service with fast response time.

All you need to do is build an application and list it in our marketplace. We'll take care of the rest!