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Getting Developer Access from Subscribers

Though your Vertical CRM application is completely customized to suit the industrial needs, there may be certain cases, when your subscribers need some specific customizations or changes in their CRM account. It is very important to satisfy these customer's needs.

Zoho Developer helps you to achieve this by gaining developer access to your customer's CRM account and modifying their CRM system as per their requirements. Providing access to your developers is completely based on the discretion of your subscribers. The customer can at any time revoke the developer access. Once the developer access has been revoked, you can no longer access your subscriber's CRM account.

Get Access to your Subscriber's Account

Having access to the subscriber's CRM account, the developer can set up and customize as per the customer's requirement. For this, first, the subscriber has to grant developer access to your developers. Once the subscriber has provided access, all the users who have been added as a developer  for the CRM application will receive an email to their associated email address. The email will have a link that will direct them to the subscriber's CRM account.

The developer who gets access to the subscriber's account has all the permissions that a user with administrator privileges has in the CRM account.


  • Not all the users of your developer account will get developer access to your customer's account.
  • Only the users who are added as a developer for an application, will be able to access the account of the subscribers.

To get developer access from your subscribers, ask your customers to follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in to the vertical CRM account with super administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup and select Organization Settings in the left pane.
  3. Select the Developer Login Access tab at the top and click Grant Login Access.
    The subscribers can revoke log in access at any point of time.

Customize your Subscriber's Account

Once the subscriber has provided login access to your developers, they will receive an email with a link that will direct them to the subscriber's CRM account. Clicking on this link will take you to the subscriber's CRM account. Login credentials are not required to access the subscriber's account.

When the developer logs in, the Home tab will have the user name as "developer" and will look as shown in the image below

Any changes made by the developer will get reflected instantly in the subscriber's account. For example, a module created by the developer gets instantly added to the subscriber's CRM account as seen in the image.

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