Deliver an excellent customer experience with unified financial data

This integration helps businesses focus on optimizing support time and effort. Without leaving their respective tools, your customer service team can instantly perform important payment-related actions, and the accounting team can monitor these activities.

Using Zoho Books and Zoho Desk together, you can charge your customers for the tickets handled and the time spent on each ticket. It ensures efficiency and transparency in your business processes.

The Zoho Books extension for Zoho Desk gives you real-time access to your customers' accounting information. You can view, create, and manage the status of invoices and estimates from inside tickets, contacts, and accounts.

  •   Zoho Desk
  •   Zoho Books
  • Create and view invoices and estimates from inside tickets
  • Get a contextual view of accounting information (unused credits, outstanding receivables, billing address, etc.) for Zoho Desk contacts and accounts
  • Change the status of estimates and invoices linked to a ticket
  • Optimize support time and effort

Instantly view customer data

Don't start a cross-department email chain every time you need a customer's payment information. With Zoho Books integration, you can view a customer's payment information within the ticket, like outstanding payments or billing/shipping addresses. This lets agents quickly provide informed responses to customers.


Reduce customer wait time

When you have to wait for accounting information before you can provide customer service, the increased wait times can decrease customer satisfaction. With the two-way integration between Zoho Desk and Zoho Books, you can create invoices and estimates within a ticket, based on the customer's requests. These will automatically get mapped to the customer. Your finance and accounting teams can view these estimates and invoices inside Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice.


Improve agent productivity

Dealing with a simple refund request independently or having access to the recent payment information helps support agents be more productive when resolving a ticket. Aside from billing and shipping information, you can also see previous payment-related activity by a customer, like invoices or estimates, and any changes made to these. The Zoho Desk integration with Zoho Books can directly improve response and resolution rates.


Empower customer service

Never breach an SLA and never let down a customer because of internal process delays. The Zoho Desk integration with Zoho Books empowers customer support admins to make their processes more efficient and automated. Inside the ticketing screen, you can change the payment status of an estimate or invoice, convert estimates into invoices, and send them to the customer, all without leaving Zoho Desk. This is then automatically reflected in Zoho Books for your finance team.


Our customers love us

  • Sears
  • Daimler
  • Intel
  • Essilor
  • AONhewitt
  • "We have seen an increase in answering support requests and have had a quicker adoption internally than with Salesforce"

    testimonialJoshua SmithIT Manager, Wencor Group.
  • "Very easy to use. Requires minimum data to open ticket. Very flexible management configuration. Beautiful data reports - very comprehensive info. Love the happiness feature."

    testimonialMario Pires, GeostarSpringwater Capital Group
  • "Zoho Desk is simple to deploy and easy to integrate with existing services. The reports and interface are easy to customize. It integrates perfectly to email and asterix and also handles ticketing very well.."

    testimonialSteve MigoyeHead of ICT

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