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  • Why Zoho Desk?

  • How can Zoho Desk help me?

  • Which capabilities should I explore?

  • Where should I start in the trial?

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Why Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. When we say context, we refer to important pieces of information that all stakeholders in customer service—agents, support managers and customers—need to deliver or receive great support.

How can Zoho Desk help me?

Zoho Desk is well suited for many types of businesses, and offers features to help your team by

  • Helping customers find answers instantly through self-service
  • Aggregating and helping manage conversations from multiple channels
  • Providing service team with crucial customer context
  • Enabling leaders to manage processes, fix bottlenecks, and create efficiency at scale

Which capabilities should I explore?

Whether you're looking to manage conversations across channels from one place or looking to track advanced customer support metrics to foresee trends, Zoho Desk has it all covered.

We have categorized the capabilities of Zoho Desk under these 9 sections. Click each category to learn more about its benefits.

Where should I start in the trial?

There's a lot to cover in the trial, so we recommend splitting it up into two sessions. 

I have some other questions to ask.

Sure. We'll set up a 30-minute call to help you out. Before we get to that, we'll need you to answer a few questions so we understand your business better.

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