Say Trello to better customer service with Zoho Desk.

If you use Trello for your task management, and Zoho Desk for your customer support, why compromise on either when you can get the best of both? Introducing Trello for Zoho Desk. Create custom views, attach tickets to Trello cards, and boost your team collaboration effortlessly.

Integrate with Trello

Why do you need to integrate with Trello?

Of the many teams that contribute to the customer experience, the service team is the most visible to the customer. They engage customers and do the best they can. But they often need the help of internal teams like engineering, operations, logistics, and finance. And these teams do not talk to customers directly. Follow-up tasks, meant for these internal teams, may fall through the cracks during periods of high engagement. Or these internal teams may not have the right context to work on these tasks. In both cases, the customer experience is negatively impacted. That's going to remain a challenge unless your task management tool and your customer engagement tool talk to each other.

If you use Trello for task management, and Zoho Desk for customer service, you can now integrate the two and ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

How does this integration help your company?

Cross-functional collaboration

Multiple teams within your organization can work on tickets simultaneously, and get ample feedback from peers and customers. This end-to-end loop makes support agents more productive and enables them to raise the standard of customer service. Everyone's on the same page, without getting in each other's way.

Cross-functional collaboration - Trello Integration

Contextual task management

You can attach tickets and views to Trello cards, so you can see relevant summaries at a glance. This brings crucial customer context into task management, and improves collaboration between teams. With this integration, operational teams know exactly what problem they're solving for a customer and why.

Contextual task management - Trello Integration

Organized approach

With this integration, you can create custom views to keep an eye on several tickets at once. You can track and organize tickets according to tasks within the team, and across departments.

Organized approach - Trello Integration

Deliver excellent customer service, one task at a time.

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