Context and Collaboration Made Easy, with Slack

If you use Slack for internal collaboration, and Zoho Desk for your customer support, why compromise on either when you can get the best of both? Introducing Slack for Zoho Desk. Get support notifications, collaborate with your team and boost productivity from within Slack.

Bring your team closer

Tired of keeping track of conversations across multiple apps? Zoho Desk's integration with Slack brings all your chats onto a single platform. Agents get relevant information at the right time to improve customer satisfaction.

Bring your team closer

Map your customer service

Sharing the right information on the wrong channel can be confusing. Now there's an easy way to avoid that. Bridge the gap between your support departments and Slack channels with a single click, so tickets shared are always mapped to the right channels.

Map your customer service

Get notified, instantly

Staying clued-in on ticket activity is crucial to customer service. Now, you can configure real-time  updates to keep agents informed every time a ticket is opened or closed, a happiness rating is received, or a status is modified. All this delivered instantly to your Slack channel, so you don't miss a beat! 

configure real-time  updatesget instant notification

Switch tabs, no more! 

With simple slash commands, agents can retrieve vital ticket information, without having to shuffle between multiple tabs, right within their Slack channels. What's more, you can configure a daily report to keep you in the loop at all times.

No more Switch tabs

Add more context to your conversations.