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Billed AnnuallyFree/agent/month/agent/month/agent/month
Billed MonthlyFree/agent/month/agent/month/agent/month
Agent Limit3 Free AgentsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Light Agent-/light agent/month/light agent/month50 Free Light Agents
(Add on /light agent/month)
E-mail Tickets Convert emails into tickets automatically when you add email as a channelYesYesYesYes
Comment in ticketAdd private comments to internal teamsYesYesYesYes
Spam TicketsMark tickets as spamYesYesYesYes
Ticket HistorySee the activity on a ticket in chronological orderYesYesYesYes
Ticket Resolution NoteMake internal notes about successful solutions to issuesYesYesYesYes
Ticket TagsAdd labels to tickets to organize them intuitively10 Tags/Ticket20 Tags/Ticket30 Tags/Ticket50 Tags/Ticket
Product based Ticket TrackingTrack tickets based on the associated product-YesYesYes
Add Resolution as KBDirectly add the ticket resolution as an article in your Knowledge Base-YesYesYes
FollowersFollow specific tickets and customers-YesYesYes
Customer Happiness RatingsAutomatically ask customers to rank their happiness with the service, and keep track of results-YesYesYes
Suggested ArticlesPulls relevant answers from your FAQs and Knowledge Base and displays them alongside the ticket-YesYesYes
Merge TicketsMerge similar tickets into a single one to avoid redundancy-YesYesYes
Split TicketsSplit up a ticket with more than one topic, for better accountability-YesYesYes
Clone Ticket Create duplicate tickets whenever required-YesYesYes
Ticket TimelineSee a timeline of all the past tickets from a particular customer-YesYesYes
Time EntryKeep track of time spent on every ticket and manage billable hours-YesYesYes
ApprovalsAsk for internal approvals in the context of a specific ticket--YesYes
Team OwnershipAssign tickets to teams, rather than individual agents--YesYes
Ticket SharingShare tickets with other agents to collaborate and solve issues--YesYes
Send as EmailSend outbound emails to your customers--YesYes
Quick Ticket View (Peek View)View ticket content from the list view, without having to open itYesYesYesYes
Response Editor with Rich Text Support Format your responses for better clarity and understandingYesYesYesYes
Advanced SearchSearch across all modules from a single placeYesYesYesYes
Response DraftSave in-progress responses as drafts automaticallyYesYesYesYes
Table ViewView tickets in a simple table, with all the columns you need to see-YesYesYes
Search FacetQuickly find the item you're looking for by eliminating what you don't need-YesYesYes
Snippets for Faster ResponseCreate and use pre-written phrases to avoid typing out common answers every time-YesYesYes
Email Templates in Reply EditorCreate and deploy pre-typed email templates for faster replies-YesYesYes
Work ModesView tickets based on time, priority, status, or CRM information via Work Modes-YesYesYes
Keyboard ShortcutsUse keyboard shortcuts to perform routine ticket tasks-YesYesYes
Review Ticket RepliesSend ticket responses for review to senior employees--YesYes
Gamescope for AgentsUse incentives and rewards to encourage agents to perform better--YesYes
Real Time Updates in Ticket List & Detail View-YesYesYes
Real Time Ticket Count in Starred Views-YesYesYes
Team FeedsView and interact with a feed of recent updates from customer tickets-YesYesYes
Agent Collision DetectionGet notified instantly when another agent works on the same ticket--YesYes
Agent Collision ChatQuickly chat with the other agent when you find yourselves both working on the same ticket--YesYes
Agent Collision Reply AvoidanceGet notified instantly when another agent begins to formulate a reply--YesYes
Email ChannelThis refers to your support email address1510100
Help CenterSet up a self-service portal for your customersYesYesYesYes
Feedback WidgetAdd the Advanced Web Form as a portable widget to your website111/Department1/Department
Advanced Web FormsAllow potentials and customers to log tickets via forms on any web page1510/Department20/Department
TwitterReceive and respond to tickets via Twitter directly from Zoho Desk-1 Brand1 Brand2 Brands
FacebookReceive and respond to tickets via Facebook directly from Zoho Desk-1 Brand1 Brand2 Brands
Community Forums Build a community of customers and users by opening a forum where they can talk to each other-YesYesYes
TelephonyIntegrate with a host of telephony providers to offer support over the phone--YesYes
Live ChatChat with customers on your website and convert conversations to tickets---Yes
Notification RulesUse rules to notify agents and customers about progress made on ticketsYesYesYesYes
Macros Combine actions performed frequently on tickets into macros that can be manually applied2515/Department30/Department
Supervise - Time-based Rules Create rules for time-based events such as ticket resolution reminders-515/Department30/Department
Workflow Rules Automate a set of actions using workflow rules-5/Module15/Department/Module30/Department/Module
Custom Functions in WorkflowsAutomate actions to be performed in other apps when a specific event occurs in Zoho Desk---Yes
SchedulesExecute automated actions through custom functions either at a specific time or on a recurring basis.---10/Department
Field Watching - Trigger on Specific Field UpdatesTrigger pre-defined rules when a field is updated---Yes
Direct Assignment to Agents and TeamsWrite rules to automatically assign tickets to specific agents based on criteria you set-51530
Round-Robin Ticket Assignment by Load BalancingUse Round Robin scheduling to assign tickets to agents based on their current load--10/Department15/Department
Active BlueprintsCreate flowcharts with automated steps, notifications, and requirements to follow and keep processes on track--1/Department20/Department
Transitions per BlueprintTransitions define what happens between stages in a Blueprint, such as required actions by agents or approval from a manager--20100
Common Transitions per BlueprintAllows agents to perform the transitions from all the states in a Blueprint.--15
Fields and Actions per TransitionThis defines how complex each Transition in a Blueprint can be--1030
State Level SLAs & EscalationsSet service levels and escalation rules for each stage of the process--YesYes
Custom Functions in BlueprintsWrite custom actions to be performed after each stage of a process---Yes
Number of SLAs Service level agreements (SLAs) help you manage response and resolution time by automating actions based on ticket deadlinesDefault Priority based SLA410/Department20/Department
Stop the SLA Clock (On Hold State)Pause response time counter when progress cannot be made on a ticketDefault for On Hold Status (Not customizable)YesYesYes
Multi-Level EscalationsWrite rules to establish an automatic escalation matrix for your tickets-YesYesYes
Customer Based SLADefine service level agreements for specific customers--YesYes
Contract Management in SLAManage support contracts associated with service levels---Yes
Business Hours Define the hours within which your teams will work on customer tickets. This can be used for time-related automations and SLAs.-11100
Holiday ListCreate holiday lists based on the regions and timezones in which your agents work-11100
Custom Email Templates Create your own email templates for notifications and agent responsesDefault TemplatesYesYesYes
Customize Tabs Rename, hide, and reorder the tabs at the top of the Zoho Desk interfaceYesYesYesYes
Custom Views Use filters to list just the tickets you need to focus on-YesYesYes
Customize Form Fields Use field layouts to customize fields and field values pertinent to each departmentYesYesYesYes
Custom FieldsStore additional information relevant to a ticket using custom fields-50 fields/Module150 fields/Module230 fields/Module
Custom Ticket Status & Status GroupingCreate customized statuses for your tickets-YesYesYes
Field DependenciesManage dependencies between two fields-YesYesYes
TeamsOrganize departments into smaller sub-groups called Teams--YesYes
Ticket TemplatesCreate ticket templates for different types of customer requests--YesYes
Department Specific LayoutCreate field layouts specific to each department--YesYes
Layout Rules---Yes
Validation Rules---Yes
Multi Layout---20 Layouts / Department
Reply AssistantZia shares relevant solutions from your knowledge base directly with your customers---Yes
Sentiment PredictionsZia analyzes incoming tickets to gauge the customer's mood, so your agents know how to respond---Yes
Ticket Auto TaggingZia identifies key aspects of a ticket and tags them appropriately---Yes
Anomaly NotificationsAgents and Admins receive real-time notifications for anomalies in ticket trends---Yes
KB Conversation Assistant (ASAP)Customers can chat with Zia on your website and mobile apps to receive solutions---Yes
Zia Voice and Skill BuilderCustomers can speak with Zia for solutions or ask Zia to perform actions for them---Yes
Multi-language SupportChange the language of the Zoho Desk Admin and Agent interfacesYesYesYesYes
Custom Domain MappingConnect Zoho Desk with your website domain-YesYesYes
Remote AuthenticationIncorporate your own authentication system with Zoho Desk for your agents and customers--YesYes
Multiple Department Support TrackingOrganize your service operation into departments for efficiency and clarity--1050
All-department View of TicketsSee tickets from across all your departments on a common screen--YesYes
Department Based SignaturesCreate email signatures specific to each department--YesYes
Department-Specific Product HandlingAssociate a different set of products with each department--YesYes
Private Knowledge Base for AgentsCreate a private repository of solutions for your agents to accessYesYesYesYes
Public Knowledge BaseCreate a public repository of solutions for frequently asked questions-YesYesYes
Multilingual Knowledge BasePublish Knowledge Base articles in over 40 languages--YesYes
Auto-translation of KB articlesTranslate help articles instantly using auto-translate tools like Google translate and Unbabel---Yes
Knowledge Base DashboardsGet key metrics and analytics about your knowledge base interactions-YesYesYes
CommunityBuild and grow a community of customers, prospects, and visitors-YesYesYes
Community DashboardMonitor activity and participation in your user community-YesYesYes
Community Gamification--YesYes
Article VersioningKeep track of multiple versions of your KB articlesYesYesYesYes
301 RedirectionSet up 301 redirection for articles when you edit their permalinks--YesYes
ASAPEmbed customer service capabilities into your websites and mobile apps with the ASAP widget-YesYesYes
Answer Bot in ASAPAI-powered answer bot within ASAP, for customers to interact with---Yes
Live Chat in ASAPAllow customers to chat with agents through ASAP---Yes
Google Analytics IntegrationApply Google Analytics to your help center to understand customer behavior better--YesYes
Themes GallerySelect an aesthetic theme for your customer self-service portal based on your brand identity-YesYesYes
CSS CustomizationCustomize any given theme further using CSS--YesYes
Custom Widgets Change the appearance of your widgets based on the purpose you wish to use them for--YesYes
Multi-brand Help CenterCreate self-service portals for multiple brands within the same Zoho Desk account---Yes
HTML CustomizationCustomize the look and feel of your help center from scratch to represent your brand identity---Yes
Contact & Account Information ManagementRecord customer details as contacts, and group them into common accountsYesYesYesYes
Private Notes for Contacts & AccountsMake internal notes about customers for the team's future referenceYesYesYesYes
Dedicated Owners for Contacts & AccountsAssign dedicated agents within your team to specific customersYesYesYesYes
Contact & Account InsightsView contact and account activity and engagement in a neat dashboard-YesYesYes
Deduplicate Contacts & AccountsEliminate duplicate customer information to reduce complications-YesYesYes
Contact & Account Custom FieldsCreate custom fields to store additional information about your customers-50 Fields150 Fields230 Fields
Merge ContactsMerge contacts to avoid redundancy or duplication-YesYesYes
Merge AccountsMerge accounts to avoid redundancy or duplication-YesYesYes
Follow Contacts & AccountsClosely monitor contact or account-specific activity-YesYesYes
Contact to Product AssociationAssociate each customer with the products they've purchased or are using-YesYesYes
Custom Views for CustomersCreate filters to view a list of customers you need to focus on-YesYesYes
Secondary Contact (Cc's)Establish a secondary customer contact for every customer organization--YesYes
Contacts to Multiple AccountsRelate a contact to multiple accounts to track the relationships between people and the companies they work with.---Yes
TasksCreate follow-up tasks for your team based on ticket conversations-YesYesYes
EventsLog and schedule events and invite other agents to be a part of them--YesYes
CallsMake, receive, and log calls from your help desk--YesYes
Manual Ticket Time TrackingAgents have control over the ticket timer-YesYesYes
Auto Ticket Time TrackingAutomatically track the time spent on a ticket without any manual intervention--YesYes
Activity Time TrackingTrack the time spent on activities such as tasks and calls--YesYes
Billing PreferencesDefine hourly billing information for your agents--YesYes
Product Based Ticket TrackingTrack tickets by associating them with specific products-YesYesYes
Associate Products to ContactsAssociate each customer with the products they've purchased or are using-YesYesYes
Associate Products to AccountsAssociate each customer organization with the products they've purchased or are using-YesYesYes
Dedicated Owner for ProductsAssign a dedicated agent for each product-YesYesYes
Custom Fields for ProductsCreate custom fields to store additional information about your products-50 Fields150 Fields230 Fields
Custom Views for ProductsUse filters to see a list of products you need to focus on-YesYesYes
Standard ReportsA set of standard reports to help you keep track of metrics-YesYesYes
Prepopulated ReportsGenerate reports based on a set of standard metrics-YesYesYes
Custom ReportsCreate your own custom reports to keep track of metrics that matter to you-50YesYes
Export Reports to CSV, XLS or PDFExport reports from Zoho Desk to your computer in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats-YesYesYes
Custom DashboardsCreate your own custom dashboard visualizations for reports you use the most-10YesYes
Ticket Overview DashboardView and track your vital ticket metrics in a single dashboard-YesYesYes
Headquarters DashboardTrack ticket traffic and volume over a given period of time in a single dashboard-YesYesYes
Response, Resolution & FCR DashboardsView and track ticket response and resolution times across your team-YesYesYes
Ticket Status DashboardView tickets according to their statuses, default and custom-YesYesYes
Customer Happiness DashboardTrack customer satisfaction levels over a given period of time in a single dashboard-YesYesYes
Knowledge Base DashboardView metrics and reports related to Knowledge Base articles-YesYesYes
Community DashboardAnalyze customer interaction and behavior on your community-YesYesYes
Calls Reports and DashboardsView reports about all incoming and outgoing calls received and made, across geographies--YesYes
SLA DashboardsAnalyze how well your agents maintained their SLAs--YesYes
Telephony Agent AvailabilityTrack how often your agents were and weren't available to your customers over the phone--YesYes
Schedule ReportsSchedule reports to be sent to you automatically---100
Blueprint DashboardTrack how well your blueprints have been executed, across blueprint States and Transitions---Yes
ZIA DashboardView all AI-powered intelligence in a single dashboard---Yes
All Department Analytics (Global Reports and Dashboards)Get reports spanning all your departments---Yes
In-Product Call NotificationsGet notified every time you receive a call within your help desk portal--YesYes
Call-to-Ticket ConversionAfter taking a customer call, convert it into a ticket easily, with custom notes--YesYes
Answer Over-The-WebTake calls from your help desk portal without the need of a physical handset--YesYes
Answer Over-The-PhoneIf you prefer to answer calls via a physical handset, you can choose to do that--YesYes
Call LoggingA log of all incoming and outgoing calls is automatically created within Zoho Desk--YesYes
Call TransferTransfer your call to another agent when required--YesYes
Call RecordingRecord all your incoming or outgoing calls for future reference and training purposes--YesYes
Call HoldPut a call on hold when required--YesYes
Call MuteMute calls when required--YesYes
Business Hours ConfigurationConfigure business hours for all incoming calls via Twilio--YesYes
Non-Business Hour ManagementDefine a protocol for when calls come in outside of your business hours--YesYes
Call Queue HandlingWhen traffic is high, manage multiple calls in your queue seamlessly--YesYes
Outbound CallsMake outbound calls to customers right from within Zoho Desk--YesYes
Missed Call ManagementGet notified every time you have a missed call so you can follow up--YesYes
Custom Greeting ConfigurationGreet your customers when they get on a call to create a better customer experience--YesYes
Call Routing (Sequential & Simultaneous)Route your call to another agent based on expertise or availability--YesYes
Call Waiting MessageCreate a call waiting message to let customers know you'll be with them shortly--YesYes
Caller HistoryKeep track of your entire caller history, to ensure no customer falls through the cracks--YesYes
Voice MailWhen an agent is not available, allow customers to leave a message--YesYes
Real-time Agent AvailabilityHelp your agents be available for customers in real time--YesYes
Call Reports and DashboardsView in-depth analytics and metrics about calls received--YesYes
Multi-Level IVRSimplify customer navigation so they can reach the right agents using IVR---Yes
ProfilesManage permissions to modules, fields, and utilities by categorizing agents under different profilesDefault (Non-Editable)62550
RolesCreate roles to replicate your organization chart and assign a profile to each role accordinglyDefault (Non-Editable)525250
Field-Level Access ControlGrant or deny access to agents for specific fields in layouts--YesYes
Data SharingAssign different levels of access to support data to different roles---Yes
Light AgentsAllow internal employees to consume customer tickets, but not respond to them directly-Add-on /light agent/monthAdd-on /light agent/month50 Free (Add-on - /light agent/month)
Zoho CRMBridge the gap between Sales and Support with context, using the Zoho CRM integration-YesYesYes
Zoho AnalyticsIntegrate with Zoho Analytics and enjoy advanced reports based on your support data-YesYesYes
Zoho BugTrackerFind, report, and solve bug-related issues using Zoho Bug Tracker-YesYesYes
G SuiteCollaborate and share information from your GSuite account to Zoho Desk easilyYesYesYesYes
SMS Add-onSend acknowledgment messages to your customers and notify agents on new ticket assignment via SMS-YesYesYes
Telephony and PBXIntegrate with Twilio, Amazon Connect, Zoho PhoneBridge, and 85 others.--YesYes
Zoho AssistHelp customers actively through screen-sharing powered by Zoho Assist1 Free User1 Free User1 Free User1 Free User
Zoho CliqCollaborate over chat with your team members without switching windows-YesYesYes
Zoho SalesIQEnable live chat for your website to capture and nurture leads effectively-YesYesYes
Atlassian JiraBreak silos and collaborate with your engineering team effectively using Jira-YesYesYes
SlackView ticket details, receive support notifications, and collaborate without leaving Slack-YesYesYes
Zoho Books/InvoiceAccess your customer's billing information, and receive and create invoices from within Zoho Desk-YesYesYes
SalesforceIntegrate Desk with Salesforce to bring your support and sales information together-YesYesYes
ZapierUse the Zapier integration to connect Desk with other vital apps-YesYesYes
Office 365Add Office 365 users as agents, so they can access Zoho Desk via single sign-on-YesYesYes
MS TeamsBring the Zoho Desk experience into MS Teams via Tabs and Connectors-YesYesYes
Zoho PageSenseEngage your customers better with analytics for web forms, powered by Zoho PageSense-YesYesYes
Public ExtensionsBuild, host, and sell custom extensions on the Zoho Desk marketplace-YesYesYes
Private ExtensionsBuild custom extensions for your business, and host them privately--YesYes
Radar App for Zoho DeskVital stats curated in real-time for managers and agentsYesYesYesYes
Zoho Desk AppCollaborate from anywhere effortlessly, with Zoho Desk on mobileYesYesYesYes
Single Sign-on-YesYesYes
Mobile SDKBuild custom Zoho Desk-based mobile apps for the customer service team, and support apps for your customers--YesYes
APIUse REST APIs to connect with and extend Zoho Desk as necessary15,000 calls/ day200,000 calls/ day500,000 calls/ day1,000,000 calls/ day
Webhook--5 Active10 Active
Deluge (Custom Function)---Yes
Export DataExport your data in CSV format from individual Zoho Desk modulesyesYesYesYes
Import DataImport accounts, contacts, tickets, and other important data into your Zoho Desk portal-YesYesYes
Import HistoryKeep track of all the times you've imported data into your help desk-YesYesYes
Migration from other help deskMake the switch from Zendesk or Freshdesk with extensive support from our team-YesYesYes
SUPPORT (24x5)
Email SupportReach Zoho's customer support teams via emailYesYesYesYes
Phone SupportReach Zoho's customer support teams via phone-YesYesYes
Chat SupportReach Zoho's customer support teams via live chat--YesYes

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