Zoho Desk teams up with Microsoft Teams

Zoho Desk now integrates with Microsoft Teams so your organization can combine streamlined collaboration and contextual ticketing to provide the best of customer experiences. 

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Work together without waiting around

Customer service often requires people to come together to solve a ticket. By adding the Zoho Desk ticket views as tabs in Microsoft Teams, you can easily cut down on the time it takes to get all these people on the same page. You can add different ticket views as unique tabs within each channel in Teams.

Say goodbye to switching tabs

With the Zoho Desk tab, not only can you view tickets, but you can also perform crucial ticketing actions like assigning a ticket to an agent, adding a comment, or sending out a reply. All of this without having to switch between Teams and Desk!

Stay in the loop

With the Zoho Desk integration with Microsoft Teams, you can configure notifications for important ticket activity. These notifications come in as part of conversations in your channels, with all the context of the ticket. So, even if you spend most of your time on Teams, you can keep up with the ticket activity.

Get the best of collaboration and context. Integrate with Teams.

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