All the customer data you need without the hassle of multiple tabs.

  • Bird's eye view.

    Your support team gets more context about the ticket's CRM status, before they even open the ticket.


  • The devil is in the details.

    Within the ticket, there's more context about every lead, potential, and customer. 

    Within Ticket


Your Sales and Support just moved in together.

  • Let that sync in.

    Your Sales team can keep track of what their leads, potentials, and customers want, in real time.


  • Sales with a bit of support.

    No more shuffling between your CRM and Help desk. Zoho Desk opens up from within the CRM.




What's better than a sale?


Translate customer loyalty into repeat business with Team Collaboration from Zoho Desk.

A repeat sale.

    Cross-sell. Better.

    When agents see a cross-selling opportunity, they can chat internally with the customer’s account manager and drive the conversation accordingly.



    Respond. On time.

    When a customer has a technical question, your sales reps can tag support agents within tickets to ensure timely responses.



    Retain. Proactively.

    Agents can identify unhappy customers and proactively work with account managers to retain their business.


You've got the industry's best CRM software. Why let your support software lag behind?

"I moved from Freshdesk to Zoho and I see great value for money. Integrates very well with other Zoho apps, the UI is great, and the support from the Zoho team is also very good."

Samir FaruquiDigital solutions manager, Tata Chemicals.

"We tried help desk applications like Zendesk, and zoho for enhancing our support function. And we decided to stick with Zoho because it’s highly customisable and the response from the team is fabulous!"

Anthony MaggioJetsetter

"We have seen an increase in answering support requests and have had a quicker adoption internally than with Salesforce"

Joshua SmithIT Manager, Wencor Group


    Ticket management redefined.

    Zoho Desk automatically sorts tickets based on priority, time and CRM status.


    Rule with rules.

    Workflow rules, SLAs, Tasks—all you need for smooth and uninterrupted customer service.


    Make it truly yours.

    Customize your support software and make it truly yours, in every way. 

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