How to reply to a customer complaint

A valued and cared for customer's feedback can go a long way toward the success of a business. Dealing with customer complaints is an art, requiring patience, attention, and dedication. Here are some important steps to follow when responding to a customer complaint:

Self Service Pie Chart Calmly listen to or read the customer's complaint. Take a minute or two to process the criticism. Prepare an action plan to resolve the customer's grievance. Make the customer feel heard by responding to them appropriately. Outline the plan of action to the customer. Thank the customer and offer to follow up for further assistance. Record the feedback and details of the interaction for future reference.

Features of good customer
complaint software

Omnichannel support

Customer complaints can come from various channels, like email, social media platforms, live chat, webforms, or telephony. If you overlook any of these channels, a customer could be lost. Good ticket management software helps you aggregate all complaints in a single location. It should help your agents prioritize tickets, update their status, and automate their distribution through methods like round-robin assignment.

Classic support view by Zoho Desk aggregating tickets from various platforms

Customer insights and team collaboration

Customer complaint management software should provide agents with effective tools for team collaboration. It should also provide support managers with tools like dashboards, reports, and analytics for monitoring customer support processes.

Dashboard view on Zoho Desk highlights big data such as reports, analytics on customer success

Self-service support channels

Complaint management software should help your support teams create well-equipped and updated self-service channels, such as a knowledge base and community forums, for customers who prefer to find their own solutions. This can also be helpful for agents, as it reduces the number of incoming tickets.

Knowledge base screen on Zoho Desk

Automation and integration

Customer complaint software should provide your support teams with automation tools, such as the option to automate replies, in order to expedite resolutions, streamline ticket assignments, trigger workflows, and much more. Your software solution should also offer a seamless and smooth integration with your existing tech stack.

Blueprint workflow on Zoho Desk platform

Customer service response templates

Negative customer complaints can seem difficult and frustrating. Responding to them can be difficult too. But customer complaint software equips your agents with the context and tools they need to provide helpful and effective responses. Zoho Desk offers omni-channel ticket management with detailed past interaction information, and helpful tools, like CRM integration, reply assistance, and a knowledge base. Agents can also access customizable email and ticket response templates for faster replies and more consistency. Here are some examples of response templates for different channels.

Email response template Social media review response template Sample live chat response template
Email ticket screen on Zoho Desk Social media ticket screen on Zoho Desk Live chat screen on Zoho Desk

Benefits of customer complaint software

Businesses who ignore customer complaints risk losing their customer base. But with effective customer complaint software, businesses can use feedback as an opportunity to improve customer relationships. Good ticket management software helps agents track and solve customer tickets in a timely and efficient manner. It also helps your support teams:

Acknowledge every complaint Bring accountability to the brand Bring down operational costs Give agents complete context Discover opportunities for further improvementsImprove customer satisfaction

Choosing Zoho Desk as your customer complaint software solution

Customers are the heart of your business and understanding their needs should be a priority. With Zoho Desk as your complaint management software, you will never miss a customer request or inquiry. Desk provides agents a functional omnichannel experience with seamless integration tools and automation features. This solution is easy to use and can be implemented quickly. Good complaint management software helps you bring down operational costs and fits into your budget. Zoho Desk offers a free edition, along with a variety of more advanced editions that help you provide exceptional customer support and build strong customer relationships.

Never miss a complaint with Zoho Desk as your customer complaint software solution.

Most frequently asked questions

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How can you handle customer complaints with less than three agents?

Good customer complaint software makes sure agents never miss a complaint. But does one size fit all when it comes to customer complaint software? The answer is "no." Zoho Desk is superior customer complaint software, which offers plans that can cater to businesses of all sizes (small, medium and enterprise). It also offers a Forever Free plan with basic features. Zoho Desk offers strong self-service capabilities, like a knowledge base and community forums, that help customers find their own solutions and reduce the number of tickets received by agents.

Can you share an example of a customer complaint and resolution?

Here is an example, where an agent helps a customer who has received the wrong product.

Agent: I am sorry you weren't happy with the purchase. I completely understand your frustration. Please share more details about this problem, so I can help you find the solution.

Customer: I have received the wrong item.Agent: I have noted down your issue and will look into the problem. Can you please share your purchase ID?

Customer: XOB-121

Agent:Thank you for sharing the details. I have raised a ticket with the management team and will follow up with them soon. I will update the resolution process details as soon as possible. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

Customer: No

Agent: Thank you for reaching out to us, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will rectify the issue and work hard to prevent it from occurring in the future.

The agent later sends a follow-up email to the customer to check whether they are satisfied with the product received. Also, a support article is published on the website explaining the process for reaching out for a quick resolution when wrong items are received.

What should be the next step after resolving a complaint?

After resolving a complaint, follow up with the customer as soon as possible to ensure they are not facing any further issues and are satisfied with the resolution. The support team also needs to ensure that they take the complaint seriously and work on it to prevent any similar issues from arising in the future. With customer complaint management software, such as Zoho Desk, your support teams can build a strong and well-equipped knowledge base and community forum that can guide customers through tried-and-true resolution steps.

How can you manage complaints from multiple clients?

Customer complaints are important, and missing them puts the business at risk. Good customer complaint software makes support easier and more effective. It helps you aggregate, organize, and respond to all tickets received on various platforms from a single place.Zoho Desk helps businesses offer exceptional omnichannel support with automation and integration capabilities that facilitate prompt and effective solutions. It also offers self-service channels, so support teams can maintain a well-equipped and updated knowledge base for customers who wish to find their own solutions.