Uploading the Extension to the Marketplace

After packaging your extension, perform the following steps to upload the zip file of your extension for review:

1. Go to the Sigma website.
2. Click the New Extension button.


The upload process flow begins.

Based on the visibility option you choose, your extension can be of two types:

  • Private
  • Public


If you want to use the extension only within your organization or help desk portal, choose Private in the upload form. After you complete the upload process, you will be provided with an installation URL, using which you can install the extension in your portal.


If you want to let other end-users of Zoho Desk find your extension in Marketplace and install it in their portal, choose Public in the upload form. The form through which you submit more details of your extension appears. Follow the wizard through and upload your extension.

1. In the General information form, provide the following details:

  • Release Audience: Visibility option for the extension: Public or Private
  • Developer Name/Org: Name of the organization or individual developer who created the extension
  • Contact Number: Phone number to contact the extension developer
  • Developer Website: Website of the extension developer
  • Help URL: Link to the extension's help documentation

After entering these details, click the Next Step button. The App information form appears.

2. In the App information form, enter the following details:

  • App Title: Name of the extension
  • Tagline: Short, catchy phrase that describes the function of the extension
  • Category: Business function/operation related to the extension
  • App Description: Brief description of the extension
  • App Summary: Development summary of the extension and other important notes
  • Logo: Logo of the extension/product/developer
  • Banner: Banner image that should appear on the extension detail page
  • Screenshots: Screenshots of the extension

After entering these details, click the Next Step button. The Uploads form appears.

3. In the Uploads form, configure the following settings:

  • Zoho Service: Zoho product related to the extension
  • Upload Zip File: Final, packaged zip file of the extension

After performing these steps, click the Next Step button. The Validation page appears.

4. On the Validation page, verify the details you entered, and perform one of these two steps::

  • If all the information is accurate, click the Save button. The extension will be submitted for review.
  • If any inaccurate information is present, click the Back button and perform the required corrections in the relevant form. After making the necessary correction(s), click the Save button on the Validation page.

After you upload your extension on the Sigma site, the Zoho Desk team reviews it for functionality and usability and provides you with feedback if any enhancements are required. The extension is made available on Marketplace after it passes the review and functions as intended.