Including Fields in Your Extension

All fields that can be created using the Create field REST API are supported in extensions.

However, please keep in mind the following points:

1. resourceName key is mandatory in resources.json. Refer resourceName.

2. Make sure to not pass the layoutId key in the extension code because layoutId value is automatically chosen from the department associated with the extension. This means that the new field is mapped to the default layout configured for the department.

To include custom fields in your extension, add the code snippet to the resources.json file.

Any field you include in your extension will be added to the user's Zoho Desk portal on the very first installation of the extension. Subsequent installations map to the fields created already. The fields are deleted from the portal on the last uninstallation of the extension. You can include a maximum of 10 custom fields in an extension.

    "fields": [{
        "resourceName": "field1",
        "module": "tickets",
        "displayLabel": "Counter",
        "type": "Text"
        "maxLength": "100"