Data Storage

Similar to Widgets and Connections, Data Storage is one of the configurations we provide for extensions to store its data in a database with the help of Data Storage methods.

In this section, you will come to know how to:

  • Store the data
  • Get the data
  • Update the data
  • Delete the data

Zoho Desk allows you to store extension-related data in a database so that it can be retrieved and used when required. This can be the data from a third-party application, or any other data related to the extension's functionality that needs to be preserved for further use.

What you can do using Data Storage

-> You can set (store) and get (retrieve) data using the Data Storage Methods.

-> You can easily manage the details about the data stored and retrieved using a key-value pair

-> You can remove the data, when it is no longer required using the delete data method.

Note: You can access these methods only when the storage key is enabled as true in the plugin-manifest file. If not, an error statement will be triggered as "Storage not enabled in plugin-manifest.json."


1. You can make maximum 50 requests per minute to create / update data.

2. You can make maximum 250 requests per minute to get stored data.

3. You can make maximum 50 requests per minute to delete stored data.