In Zoho Desk, channel integration allows users to create tickets from external channels such as Email, Help Center, Chat, Community, Social, Phone, Web Forms, ASAP widgets, and Instant Messaging, other than the ones natively supported by Zoho Desk. This integration enables businesses to centralize their ticketing system and provide a unified support experience across various channels.

With channel integration, external channels or platforms seamlessly integrates with Zoho Desk, allowing the generation and management of tickets from these channels. This ensures that all customer queries and interactions are captured and tracked within Zoho Desk.

Channel integration goes beyond ticket creation and management. It also enables the synchronization of data such as tickets, threads, and contacts between Zoho Desk and external services. Agents can respond to queries on external platforms directly from Zoho Desk, providing a seamless and efficient support experience.

To achieve channel integration, you must create a Zoho Desk Marketplace app (Extension). This app acts as a bridge between the external service/channel and Zoho Desk, facilitating the seamless flow of data and interactions. . This integration empowers businesses to streamline their support processes and deliver exceptional customer service across multiple channels.


Why Channel Integration

This channel integration helps to:

  • Extract data from the external service/channel and send it to the Zoho Desk.

  • Facilitate Data Conversion: Convert External Data to Desk-Compatible Format and Desk Reply to External Service-Compatible Format

  • Send updated data from the external service to the Zoho Desk periodically.

  • Add or update new replies in the external service when a reply is sent from the Zoho Desk.

  • Redirect to the corresponding external resource when requested by the Zoho Desk

Getting Started

To work with channel integration,

  • Create a ZohoDesk Marketplace App by specifying channel properties as a resource in the resources.json file.  - configuration

  • Create an endpoint that can receive new replies and send them to the External Service when an agent reply is sent from the Zoho Desk. - Serves as push Url

  • Create an endpoint to fetch data from an external service to Zoho Desk during periodic requests generated by Zoho Desk. (This is optional) - Serves as pull Url

  • Create an endpoint that can redirect the user to the respective entities of the External Service, such as tickets, threads, and user profiles.(This is optional.) -Serves as redirect Url