Delete Widget

Before you proceed with these steps, remember that at least one widget should be available in "widget" attribute under "modules" of plugin-manifest.json file.

Henceforth, in the below given steps, you will find two widgets where one widget will be deleted.

Here, you have two widgets: Sample Widget 1 and Sample Widget 2. One at the right panel of the ticket and the other at the left tab of the ticket.

Follow the steps given below to delete a widget:

  1. In your local drive, go to your Project Folder.
  2. Open plugin-manifest.json file.
  3. In plugin-manifest.json , remove the details of one widget in "widgets" attribute under ''modules''.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Pack and publish the extension. Then, update the specific extension in desk portal. (Specific hyperlink to be given in CMS tool)
  6. Go to Extension Location i.e., the location you mentioned in "widgets" of plugin-manifest file.

    In the above snapshot, you can see the widget (i.e., Sample Widget 2) loaded on the left tab of the ticket was successfully deleted.