ASAP for Mobile Platforms

Release Notes


  • Introduced rich text formatting for ticket comments.
  • Implemented threaded comments for forum topics in the user community.
  • Implemented comment actions for comments on forum topics.
  • Implemented search feature within the user community.
  • Added APIs related to community categories, most popular topics, and most discussed topics.
  • Added a method that launches the topic detail screen when a topic ID is passed.
  • Added the Discussion topic type to the Community module.
  • Introduced event callbacks. For details, refer to the following sample code.


    ZohoDeskPortalSDK.ZDAnalyticsTracker { (analyticsObject) in
        if analyticsObject?.getEventAction() == .KBArticleClicked{
            print("An Article is clicked.")
            //An Article is clicked. You can Log or Push this to any of the Analytics tools.
        }else if analyticsObject?.getEventAction() == .CommunityTopicClicked{
            print("A Topic is clicked.")
            //A topic is clicked. You can Log or Push this to any of the Analytics tools.


    [ZohoDeskPortalSDK ZDAnalyticsTrackerOnCompletion:^(ZDAnalytics * analyticsObject) {
        if ([analyticsObject getEventAction] == ZDPortalUIActionKBArticleClicked) {
            NSLog(@"An Article is clicked.");
            //An Article is clicked. You can Log or Push this to any of the Analytics tools.
        }else if ([analyticsObject getEventAction] == ZDPortalUIActionCommunityTopicClicked) {
            NSLog(@"A Topic is clicked.");
            //A topic is clicked. You can Log or Push this to any of the Analytics tools.
  • Fixed an issue related to the search functionality in the Community module. (If you are a new user starting out with this version of the SDK, you do not have to make any changes to overcome this issue. But if you are upgrading from the previous version of the SDK and have enabled JWT-based authentication in your Zoho Desk portal, make sure to regenerate the user token after upgrading. No functionality or features will be impacted for end-users.) For details, refer to the following sample code.


    if !ZohoDeskPortalSDK.isZDUserSignedIn || !ZohoDeskPortalSDK.isZDSDKMigratedTo1_0{
        ZohoDeskPortalSDK.set(jwtUserIdentifier: <#Remote user Token#>, onComplition: {
        }, onError: { (error) in
        //User already signed into SDK


    if (![ZohoDeskPortalSDK isZDUserSignedIn] || ![ZohoDeskPortalSDK isZDSDKMigratedTo1_0]){
        [ZohoDeskPortalSDK setWithJwtUserIdentifier:<#Remote user Token#> onComplition:^{
        } onError:^(NSError * error) {
        //User already signed into SDK


  • Added the Follow option for Categories in the Community module.
  • Enabled custom-configuration of the back button on the navigation bar.


    ZDNavigationTheme.backButtonStyle = ZDNavigationBackButtonStyle.icon


    [ZDNavigationTheme setBackButtonStyle:ZDNavigationBackButtonStyleIcon];


  • Enabled support for the Indian data center. To host your ASAP add-on on this datacenter, pass the value of the data center key as ZDDataCenter.IN while initializing the SDK.
  • Included a new method that launches the add-on dashboard with its configuration overridden. For more details, check here


  • Added the from and limit parameters to Product provider APIs. The from parameter denotes the index number of the resource and the limit parameter denotes the number of resources to return. If these two parameters are not passed in the API request, the first 10 products are returned, by default.
  • In the Create Ticket provider API, we fixed a critical bug that caused failure of ticket submission when a file was attached to the ticket.


  • Enabled push notifications for the following ticket actions:
    • Agent creates a ticket on behalf of the user.
    • Agent sends a new ticket response.
    • Priority of the ticket is changed.
    • Status of the ticket is changed.
    • A new comment is added to a ticket.
    • A ticket comment is edited.
  • Introduced a callback method for the Submit Ticket screen. Through this method, the ASAP add-on can be configured such that ticket details are sent to the app immediately after a ticket is submitted.


  • Fixed an issue that in some cases caused an app crash when the ASAP framework tried to access Core Data.