ASAP for Mobile Platforms

Hiding Help Components

By default, the ASAP SDK displays all help components available, depending on the Zoho Desk edition in use and settings configured in the Zoho Desk portal. However, you can also show or hide individual help components on your app using ZDPortalConfiguration.

The following code snippets illustrate how to disable individual help components in an add-on.


let config = ZDPortalConfiguration()
config.enableHelpCenter = false // disable the Help center (Knowledge Base).
config.enableCommunity = false // disable the Community.
config.enableCreateTicket = false // disable the CreateTicket.
config.enableMyTicket = false // disable My Tickets.
config.showLeftMenu = true // enable/disable left Menu


ZDPortalConfiguration * config = [[ZDPortalConfiguration alloc]init];
config.enableHelpCenter = NO; // disable the Help center (Knowledge Base).
config.enableCommunity = NO; // disable the Community.
config.enableCreateTicket = NO; // disable the CreateTicket.
config.enableMyTicket = NO; // disable My Tickets.
config.showLeftMenu = YES; // enable/disable left Menu

Note: You must send the configuration object in the ZohoDeskPortalSDK.initializeSDK function. For more details, refer to the Initializing the SDK in Your App section of this document.