ASAP for Mobile Platforms

Customizing UI Strings

The ASAP SDK facilitates customization of the text that appears on the different screens of the add-on. The text includes UI labels for help components, error messages, and general information. To change the text, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a bundle titled ASAPStrings.bundle in the Xcode project of your app. The path to access this bundle is: Application-bundle/ASAPStrings.bundle.

  2. From this link, download the lproj file containing the default strings that appear in the SDK UI.

  3. Add the lproj file you downloaded in the previous step to the ASAPStrings bundle.

  4. Open the ASAPLocalizable.strings file within the lproj file and customize the text as required.

Note: Each language has a unique lproj file. To customize the strings in each language that you want to support in the SDK, choose the relevant lproj file while performing step 2 and repeat steps 3 and 4

The table below lists the different keys in the default ASAPLocalizable.strings file.

Key Default Text Description
DeskPortal.Dashboard.Heading "Welcome" Text that appears on the help center dashboard
DeskPortal.Dashboard.helpcenter.title "Knowledge Base" Title of the knowledge base module icon on the dashboard
DeskPortal.Dashboard.helpcenter.description "Browse our extensive repository of help articles" Text that describes the knowledge base "Community" Title of the user community module icon on the dashboard "Find and share solutions with the user community" Text that describes the user community
DeskPortal.Dashboard.addticket.title "Submit Ticket" Title of the ticket submission module icon on the dashboard
DeskPortal.Dashboard.addticket.description "Seek help from our agents" Text that describes the ticket submission screen
DeskPortal.Dashboard.myticket.title "My Tickets" Title of the my tickets icon on the dashboard
DeskPortal.Dashboard.myticket.description "View and manage tickets that you submitted" Text that describes the my tickets screens
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.article.detail.relatedtitle "Related Articles" Text that appears below any help article in the knowledge base "Was this article helpful?" Text that seeks feedback from the user "Feedback" Title of the feedback form "We're sorry the article wasn't helpful." Text that appears when a user downvotes an article
DeskPortal.Myticket.option.closeticket "Close Ticket" Text for option that lets the user close a ticket they submitted
DeskPortal.Error.message.reload "Retry" Error message that appears if ticket submission fails
DeskPortal.Network.failed.error.message "Check your internet connection" Error message that indicates loss of connectivity
DeskPortal.Dashboard.livechat.title "Live Chat" Title of the live chat module on the help center dashboard
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.category.subheading "Section" Text that appears if only one article category exists in the knowledge base
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.categories.subheading "Sections" Text that appears if multiple article categories exist in the knowledge base
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.article.detail.title "FAQs" Title of the individual article screen
DeskPortal.Addticket.title "Add Ticket" Title of the ticket submission form
DeskPortal.Myticket.comment.option.title "Comment Actions" Title of the options menu that appears when a user adds a comment to a ticket
DeskPortal.Myticket.option.editcomment "Edit Comment" Text for option that lets the user edit a comment they made
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.article.subheading "Article" Text that appears if only one article exists under an article category
DeskPortal.Helpcenter.articles.subheading "Articles" Text that appears if multiple articles exist under an article category