ASAP for Mobile Platforms


These methods help you perform a variety of other actions in your ASAP add-on.

Updating User Details

The following API helps update the details of users added to your help desk portal. 

HashMap<String, String> profileData = new HashMap<>();
profileData.put("displayName", "displayName");
profileData.put("mobile", "123456");
MyApplicaiton.zohoDeskPortalSDKInstnace.updateProfile(profileData, new DeskCallback.DeskUpdateProfileCallback() {
    public void onProfileUpdated(JSONObject jsonObject) {
        Log.i("UpdateProfile", "Success");

    public void onException(final DeskCallback.DeskException exception) {
        Log.i("UpdateProfile", "Exception");


  1. HashMap <String, String> data - Key and value pair. Keys included are: twitter, phonefacebooknamedisplayNamemobilecountryLocale, and timeZone

  2. DeskCallback.DeskUpdateProfileCallback - Callback object