ASAP for Mobile Platforms

Enabling Notifications

You can configure the ASAP add-on to send notifications to end-users when an agent responds via chat.

Note: Make sure that Push Notifications settings are configured in the ASAP add-on setup page on Zoho Desk.

To enable push notifications for live chat, include the following code snippet after initializing the SDK.


fcmId is the client token used for registering the device. You can retrieve this token from the FirebaseInstanceId.getInstance().getToken(); method. 

To disable push notifications, include the following code snippet. 


You can also handle the UI and navigation for notifications. To do this, add the following code snippet to the onReceived() method of your NotificationReceiver class. 

MyApplication.deskInstance.handleNotification(Context context, Map data, int icon);

context is the appContext. Map refers to the notification data that is received. icon is the application icon that must appear in the notification.