India's leading food delivery service, Zomato, reduces its resolution time by almost 40% using a structured approach with Zoho Desk.

About Zomato

Zomato is a leading food delivery service, founded in India by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. It started as a website providing restaurant content to help users make informed decisions about dining out.

Since then, Zomato has grown to connect over 55 million users to 1.4 million listed restaurants in 24 countries across the world. They have expanded significantly into a team of 5000+ "Zomans," across 32 nationalities, who help millions of users decide where to eat every day. That's why Zomato delivers over 28 million food orders every month.

Driven by a four-fold motto of Quality, Accessibility, Assortment and Affordability, Zomato strives to show that restaurants offer a viable alternative to home cooking for those who need or want that choice.

Looking ahead, Zomato is now on an ambitious quest to move past being a food tech company into becoming a farm-to-table company.

"Using Zoho Desk's structured approach, our team was able to bring down the agent response time from 3 hours to 1 hour in just a year"

--- Nitesh Girdhar, Team Lead - Customer Experience

Working to provide the best customer service

In a dynamic business scenario, every customer grievance needs immediate attention. Especially in the food business, where hunger can quickly turn any customer experience bad.

Zomato had difficulties working through the high volume and velocity of their data to get real-time insights. Receiving almost 10,000 tickets a day, the team needed a way to categorize tickets in a way that made it easier to attend to requests and extract useful data to make informed decisions.

Earlier, Zomato used an internal workflow that directed all customer queries into Helpscout. However, they needed to find a way to filter out any order-related queries to be managed separately. "It was also important for us to find a tool that gave us the flexibility to customize, and use it to fit our business needs," says Nitesh Girdhar, Team Lead of Customer Experience at Zomato.

Creating a workflow that worked

Zomato currently has more than five teams, including their Custom Delight, Zomato Gold, Zomato Finance, and Zomato Secretarial teams onboarded with Zoho Desk, providing them with an organized and centralized location for all food-order and administrative related tickets.

The flexibility Zoho Desk provides in setting up different departments gives the team the freedom to prioritize incoming tickets and answer each of them based on their specific business rules. For example, the team dedicated to taking care of pre and post-order queries called the Customer Delight team at Zomato, uses Zoho Desk extensively to segment incoming tickets based on customer profile, so they can be manually assigned to agents based on availability.

"Our internal chat tool is the first line of support for any real-time help our customers need", explains Nitesh. With tickets coming in via internal chat, email, and phone, Zomato uses keyword mapping to ensure that all order-related queries, directed from the automatic chatbot or emails, land in Zoho Desk.

Now, using Zoho Desk's automated templates, Zomato can send out immediate acknowledgment emails to every customer, keeping them informed of their ticket status and maintaining the first response goal for the team.

Maintaining efficiency while ensuring customer happiness

Along with the timely handling of the growing number of tickets, it's also important for the team at Zomato to maintain efficiency. Using time-motion analysis, Zomato was able to understand their teams' capacities. With that data, they were able to set an efficiency rate for every agent at 8 tickets per hour. Regular insights from Zoho Desk help the team maintain these standards and tell them when to take action to keep their efficiency goals on track. With these finer refinements and a structured approach the team at Zomato was able to bring down their agent response time from 3 hours to 1 hour in just a year and were also able to cut down their overall resolution time by almost 40%.

Automations to declutter and bring in context

Having the flexibility to create your own workflows and add custom functions to achieve the required business flow has helped Zomato automate tasks that were previously redundant and consumed a lot of time. After creating more than 10 custom functions, 15 assignment rules, and many workflows in just one department, the team now feels confident enough to tailor their business workflows in Zoho Desk to better serve their customers and goals.

Speaking of one such custom function that has immensely helped the team save time and energy, Nitesh talks about a time when every customer reply used to get added to the same thread, even if the customer was raising a new query. This was throwing the numbers off in the report and inaccurate stats weren't helpful to the team. A simple custom function was able to ensure every ticket thread was closed automatically 72 hours after the last customer reply and any new email created a new ticket, while keeping the history intact for reference.

Moving forward with Zoho Desk

"The biggest benefit that we got out of Zoho Desk was the ability to get real-time reports, which wasn't possible earlier. The actual closure and the CSAT reports were a big help!" says Nitesh, talking about Zomato's journey with Zoho Desk. Bearing in mind changing customer needs and expectations, Zomato is exploring the possibility of using automated chatbot conversations in Zoho Desk to help their customers, confident these efforts will help their team immensely.

After exploring other helpdesk platforms, Zomato now feels confident that Zoho Desk is the right choice for them. They strive to keep their customers happy and are better positioned to do so with Zoho Desk.

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