RJG Inc. Chose Zoho Desk to Enhance their Customer Experience and Achieved a very Positive Net Promoter Score

Jason YoffyDirector of Engineering, RJG Inc


A global injection molding solutions company, RJG Inc., achieves a remarkable net promoter score with Zoho Desk and uses automation so employees can focus on more productive work.  

The company

In their quest to mitigate costs and increase the efficiency of injection molding companies, RJG Inc. offers end-to-end technology solutions, consulting services, and process training. Founded in 1985 by Rod Groleau, RJG has been transforming the operations of injection molding companies with a commitment to make the world a better place by reducing the amount of plastic waste.  

RJG serves companies in medical, electronic, and automotive sectors, and has spread its wings across the USA, the UK, Singapore, Germany, France, and Mexico. Their software products, which include CoPilot, the Hub, eDart System, and Pro-Op, empower customers to optimize and also provide in-depth learnings on the inputs and outcomes of the injection molding processes.  

The challenge

RJG were using a sales and support service software platform to resolve customers' support tickets. However, it had too many limitations; the team couldn't search for tickets, see the connections between different tickets, or track the number of tickets associated with each account or customer.  

Their previous software also wasn't user-friendly, and so they went back to their old ways of doing things—using Google Docs and Sheets—which made the entire support process a hassle for them. RJG's technical support team used Google Docs to document the work that they were completing. They had spreadsheet columns to identify who was carrying out which task, for which customer, and what the task was—for the entire team. To an extent, this enabled them to track information like the number of tickets resolved by each person, but it was very time-consuming.  

All of this manual work pushed RJG to look for a cloud-based digital ticketing solution that would also integrate with other tools they needed.  

The solution


RJG had a seven-person technical team when they implemented Zoho Desk in 2019. They weren't accustomed to an advanced ticketing system, so they had a lot of back and forth conversations with the Zoho Desk support team to discuss their requirements. In the process, they discovered additional Zoho Desk features and functionalities they could use to achieve their goals. Around eight departments, including technical support, eLearning, training operations, and maintenance use Zoho Desk extensively.  

Integrating Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM

RJG's repair department desperately needed a cutting-edge ticketing solution and an effective integration between their helpdesk and CRM functionalities in order to increase the visibility between both systems and serve their customers better. Zoho Desk seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, and whenever the user clicks on an account, users can view the account's entire summary—including support tickets, their needs, and other vital information.  

Integrating Zoho Desk and Zoho Forms

Whenever a customer submits a query via Zoho Forms on RJG's website, the form is automatically moved into Desk as a ticket. These entries go into the unassigned field so that the next available agent can grab their next task from there, reach out to the customer, and document all communication—all in the same place. This process applies to tickets generated from email queries as well.  

Integrating Zoho Desk and Zoho Analytics

RJG used to manually collect all data pertinent to sales and technical support processes and created graphs and charts to represent how each aspect of their business was performing. They then converted the information into a PDF document and emailed it to the entire organization weekly or monthly. After integrating Zoho Analytics and Zoho Desk, they automated the entire data collection process and provided additional insights to their support services.  

"Our team took six to eight hours to create the reports that speak of our performance. Now, we've automated the process with Zoho Analytics and integrated it with Zoho Desk. Now the technical support data has become a weekly or monthly collection activity. Every Friday, the whole company gets an email with all of our analytics and reports. It's pretty awesome."  

Jason YoffyDirector of Engineering, RJG Inc.

RJG collects the reports on the number of tickets customers have submitted, the ticket resolution time, the number of open and closed tickets, and so on. They also track the average time taken for product-related tickets to reach the engineering team, their resolution time, and the average time it takes the support team to close tickets.  

Transparency through third-party app integrations

RJG has integrated Zoho Desk with Jira and Confluence to ensure that the engineering team has visibility into the tickets that need their assistance. All of the teams involved are aware of each ticket's status at any given point in time, so any employee who responds to the customer is always in the know. Even RJG's repair department uses product logs within Desk to leave updates about the work they've done, so that anyone who has access can see the repair history of every product that has been sold.  

Communication throughout the ticketing process

Customers who raise tickets receive updates about the stages their tickets are in. After closing a ticket, the technical support team uses Zoho Survey within Desk to send a survey and calculate their net promoter score (NPS). RJG's NPS has been very positive.  

Email ticketing option

When a customer submits a query to the support team via email, the emails are stored as tickets within Zoho Desk. Support team members then respond to customers from within Zoho Desk. This workflow helps save the details of each customer interaction for future reference. Also, employees don't need to manage multiple logins to send a response to a customer.  


Whenever RJG sends out an invoice, receives a sales order, or sells a product that needs technical support team's attention, a ticket is raised with the details. This ensures that customers receive timely follow-ups and ideal technical support when it comes to installation, training, and other requirements.  

Benefits and ROI

"When we used to work on Google Sheets and email, the time it took to remember that we had a task we needed to complete with a customer and to not let that task fall off had been a major challenge for our department. Zoho Desk helped us to overcome that challenge."  

Amanda WinnTechnical support Operations Manager, RJG Inc.

She says that having visibility into their ticketing system, having their own personal views, and having everything stored in one ticket instead of spread out across multiple emails has been a major improvement in the support team's ability to handle customer issues in a timely manner.  

RJG has automated 75% of their manual paperwork using Zoho's suite of products, including Zoho Desk, freeing them to focus on more productive work. Additionally, their newfound ability to gather data through automated processes and dashboards yields greater accuracy than collecting it through Google Sheets and emails. RJG has seen an increase in their annual ROI after leveraging Zoho Desk for its technical support operations.  

  • Industry typeTechnology, Consulting Provider
  • Employees50-200
  • Type of businessPrivately held

Looking forward

RJG Inc. looks at Zoho Desk as a friend and partner, both having overcome the pandemic's challenges together. RJG is looking forward to creating a customer portal that enables access to tickets that are open, documents they need to download (for example, calibration certificates), and more—all of which are in Zoho's pipeline.  

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