Zoho Desk helps LTGC manage exponential growth in the tickets volume while cutting down agent response time by half.

Jim FrancisSystems Manager, LTGC

About LTGC

Land Title Guarantee Company is the largest locally-owned title agency in Colorado. They help property buyers safeguard their purchases by ensuring the property is safe to buy. With closing agents and title examiners who know Colorado real estate laws, procedures, and markets in great detail, their aim is getting through record searches and securely handling money and information.

The Challenges

Before Zoho Desk, LTGC managed their customer communication using group email accounts. With emails shared among 10 to 15 people in some departments, it was difficult to keep track of who was working on what, and the only documentation they had was a collection of notes stored in multiple files. Ticket assignment in Gmail was very unstructured and confusing, as the software was simply not designed for the purpose. The complexity of all of this shot up exponentially as the company grew over the years.

With title insurance being a significant part of the buyer's journey, and a key responsibility on the part of the seller, managing these relationships was essential to LTGC. A one-stop solution to managing their customer communication needed to address the complexities of this triangular relationship, while being simple enough to use across the board. LTGC's goals were to increase visibility into customer context and progress made with specific deals, and to create better internal accountability and ownership for each relationship.

Putting the basics in place

One of the main challenges that LTGC faced while using group emails was the difficulty in keeping track of the tickets assigned to their agents. Using colors in Gmail to do this didn't just consume a lot of time but also added to the confusion. Through automatic ticket assignment in Zoho Desk, LTGC was able to easily assign their tickets to the right departments. Desk also gave the team's mangers a clear view of which agents were responsible for which tickets. Agents were able to create different views for their tickets and manage them more systematically. With the ability to add comments on tickets, agents were able to easily collaborate between departments without sending emails back and forth. All internal deliberations were available for reference within a single ticket, so senior agents and managers could "plugin" to a given situation and be more hands-on when they need to. This was one of the immediate benefit that LTGC saw as they switched to Zoho Desk.

From defining priority to being productive

Without the ability to see what kind of tickets were coming in, it was difficult for the team to prioritize them. With a complex business process where tickets were coming in from external customers as well as employees, the team was unable to classify them and give them the appropriate amount of attention using email alone.

With the ability to track each ticket in Zoho Desk and assign them a priority based on various factors, the team was able to organize tickets more effectively and allocate more time to more complex conversations. The average response time for agents before Zoho Desk was seven hours, but with the process in place, agents were now responding to each ticket within three hours.

Powering data-driven decisions

With Zoho Desk's granular reporting and dashboard capabilities, the management team at LTGC had much more visibility into their support team's performance. Decision-makers were able to monitor trends more closely and analyze the impact of their decisions and refinements through real-time data. This helped them maintain clarity of direction despite the complexities involved in their business.

  • Industry typeReal Estate
  • Employees501-1,000 employees
  • Type of businessB2C

The Win

Being able to track the volume of tickets coming in on a daily basis was the first win for LTGC. They sped up their response time and started prioritizing better. Then the reporting features brought in the clarity that the team was lacking before. Being able to report on their performance enabled them to look for trends and address specific situations.

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