How Feedonomics uses Zoho Desk to scale its business and provide an ideal experience to clients across the globe

Jason NicholVP of Product

The company

Feedonomics is a middleware platform that facilitates data syndication in any format between multiple data sources and destinations. Feedonomics operates primarily in the ecommerce space, where the difference between poor and high-quality data can significantly impact revenue.

The Feedonomics team optimizes its ecommerce and advertising clients' data to create effective product listings for various online shopping platforms, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook, so clients can focus on other areas of their businesses. Feedonomics has always believed that optimized feeds perform best and generate more revenue. However, the feed management tools available at the time were restrictive in their flexibility to manipulate data at scale.

In order to efficiently service clients in the ecommerce and large data aggregator space, Feedonomics built its own state-of-the-art software to create optimized feeds for its clients. Recognizing an industry-wide need for this technology, Feedonomics offered its advanced solution to interested companies, opening a new market for itself.

Today, Feedonomics has more than 400 employees and 2,500 clients across the globe, and it has been ranked in the top 100 on the Inc. 5,000 list, which is the most prestigious ranking for private companies with the fastest growth in the US.

The challenge

The world of data optimization and syndication is fraught with diverse challenges, prompting Feedonomics' need for a versatile help desk platform that could accommodate a wide range of customer support requests.

Feedonomics receives many support requests that cannot be solved without specific information and client collaboration. The company also depends on defined assignments and triaged workflows to direct requests to the appropriate department and teams.

The Solution

Feedonomics needed a platform that would help it achieve its customer experience-related business goals. When evaluating help desk platforms, it prioritized the flexibility to accommodate its diverse operational needs and team structures. Ultimately, Zoho Desk became part of Feedonomics' journey, providing the company with the options it needed in its initial stages.

Soon, Feedonomics embraced Zoho Desk fully, with more than 400 users leveraging all the available features to their fullest extent. The continuous evolution of the product, with features such as Blue Prints, continues to create a more robust environment to lead the users through the appropriate workflows.

"Zoho Desk's response and turnaround time is great, and the team took the time to understand and work with us through different challenges"

Jason Nichol,VP of Product for Feedonomics.

Benefits & ROI

Deluge scripting and custom functions

Feedonomics created a variety of custom functions using the Deluge scripting language, which allowed it to extend Zoho Desk's built-in capabilities. The Deluge scripting language is one of Feedonomics' most leveraged Zoho Desk features.

Custom customer portal

Even though Feedonomics had significantly expanded the use of Zoho Desk with multiple customizations, the company grew to a point where the workflows and triaging of support requests were so detailed and nuanced—requiring hundreds of fields and many disparate workflows—that the team needed to think outside the box. Feedonomics ultimately decided to recreate the entire client experience.

Feedonomics wanted to customize the user experience with conditional form logic to guide clients to the appropriate support request types, while gathering necessary information along the way. The company also wanted to integrate its feed management platform with the Zoho Desk support request workflow so that a client's Feedonomics account would become an option set within the experience. In other words, the team wanted this entire experience to be housed within the Feedonomics platform.

To make this work, Feedonomics used Zoho Desk's APIs and created a built-from-scratch client portal. Zoho account creation, Zoho user creation, and other Feedonomics account-level attributes were dynamically initiated inside Zoho Desk as a downstream function of the same objects being created in Feedonomics. This allowed the team to totally customize any experience for their customers while keeping a very tight association with their Feedonomics account.

One of the main benefits of this close integration is that it makes it possible to not only capture all required information to help facilitate a faster resolution time, but it can also be used to address certain issues automatically in some cases.

"When we met with the Zoho Desk engineers and managers to describe our vision, they committed to working with us to ensure they fully understood our goals and objectives, and to ensure that all APIs would be made available. In some instances, I believe we pushed their team very hard to come up with solutions to make this entire recreation of the customer portal possible. It definitely was not a small or short-term project; it was an evolution, and the Zoho Desk team never faltered in its efforts to support us."

Jason Nichol,VP of Product for Feedonomics.

Other solutions provided

  • Feedonomics uses webhooks, blueprints, assignment rules, and custom functions to resolve support requests promptly and easily.

  • Feedonomics measured, and aimed to reduce, its thread counts. The implementation of a customer portal and guided workflow helped them achieve this.

  • Industry typeAdvertising Services
  • Employees201-500 employees
  • Type of businessB2B

Looking forward

Feedonomics, which continues to adapt to changing feed industry trends, looks forward to a long journey with Zoho Desk, which has been both a technology partner and friend.

"I believe that what we've achieved in collaboration with the Zoho Desk team has made a huge impact on how efficiently we can resolve complex requests for our clients, and it has been a major improvement for our customer experience. Our relationship with the Zoho Desk team is as strong today as it was the day we started working with them nearly seven and a half years ago."

Jason Nichol,VP of Product for Feedonomics.

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