Clearwire leverages Zoho Desk to resolve people's concerns during the pandemic

Wajahat DewaniFounder/CEO of Clearwire


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for ordinary people to communicate their needs to the government of Jammu and Kashmir. In response, the Clearwire team has leveraged Zoho Desk, implemented by Target Integration, to aid the government's efforts to address citizens' concerns.

About Clearwire

Clearwire Technologies Private Limited is a Bandipora-based company with expertise in procuring, vending and contracting high-end technology to provide top-notch services such as call center solutions to Government, defense and other sectors as well. The company is a reliable tech partner that brings the thoughts of their customers into reality. Clearwire team aims to cater to the technological needs of businesses in every corner of Jammu & Kashmir.


In 2019, when the pandemic struck the world, the Srinagar District government in the Jammu and Kashmir region found it difficult to resolve the concerns of all the citizens without any tools except Excel spreadsheets. To reduce human-to-human communication and set up a system to track and address every citizen's concern, they needed to bridge the communication gap between the public and the administration as everyone was locked up in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The administration's pre-pandemic systems like Grievance portal city grants and Governor's grievance cell didn't adequately resolve the challenges citizens were facing. The government sought Clearwire's support to set up a system—an entire call-center solution—to help their field staff address the public's problems.

Evaluation process

The Clearwire team chose Target Integration as a consultant in building effective processes to handle all calls and complaints received by the administration. They decided to bring in a cloud-based software platform that met all their requirements, such as managing received calls, raising tickets, and more—a software platform that eliminates the need for many human resources, as it automates the entire process.

Target Integration recommended Zoho Desk after considering all other products in the market. Zoho Desk was a cost-effective solution and had all the features that the Clearwire team was looking for. Therefore, with the help of Target Integration, Clearwire implemented the technology in less than 10 days. They started usingZoho Desk within a week with periodic training from Target Integration.

"Zoho desk is an awesome experience , because we can gather all those complaints, along with addresses and other details, communicate with the public, at large, in an efficient manner, and deliver whatever is to be delivered at that specific time. So it's a nice experience."

Wajahat Dewani,Founder/CEO of Clearwire

Solutions offered by Zoho Desk - Target Integration

Clearwire works in close association with each department of Srinagar District's government to address the grievances of the public. The Clearwire and TI teams have enabled interactive voice response (IVR) to make grievance redressal department easily accessible for the public.

The Clearwire team has allocated 10 people within Zoho Desk, which has even gone up to 25 during the peak of the project, to look after each department. When a call comes in, it's raised as a ticket, along with details such as address, ticket source, the area to which the ticket relates, the department to which it belongs, and so on. Once the record has been created, the caller is notified of the registration, and the owner of the ticket contacts the field staff of the respective department.

The field staff resolves the concern of the citizen, and then the ticket is closed with another notification to the caller. The field staff also uploads pictures as evidence of their work, which are stored as records within the system. For important issues that demand immediate action, a separate department has been created within the tool, which is overseen by the head of the administration directly.


Service-level agreements (SLAs) are maintained within Zoho Desk to establish resolution times and standards of service. Additionally, the District Magistrate can use IDs to monitor and track the actions of the field staff and the activities taking place within the system.

Light agents

Clearwire has five real-time agents who work on the tickets generated within the system, and has more than 100 light agents—a feature that enables live reporting. The number of real time agents increased to 27 during the peak. These light agents update the status of each ticket. Light agents can only add comments to tickets due to restricted permissions in Zoho Desk; they can't edit fields, reply to tickets, or update ticket ownership within the system.


Zoho Desk was seamlessly integrated with Ameyo, an IVR provider, and a local SMS integration tool. The IVR provider collects information from citizens who call to complain about their grievances and creates tickets for agents to address.

The SMS tool sends a message to the caller with the complaint number when a ticket is generated, and another as confirmation once the challenge has been addressed.

Dashboard metrics

Using the dashboard, teams track metrics such as the number of tickets created per day, ticket sources, the most common ticket sources, ticket generation time, ticket resolution time, and departments associated with tickets.

Social media platforms

Clearwire has complaint pages on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Whenever a complaint is captured on one of these platforms, a ticket is created within the system and the respective department is notified.

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Looking forward

The Clearwire team looks forward to explore more Zoho products and their seamless integration with Zoho Desk. They've also sent proposals to other district administrations within Jammu and Kashmir to create awareness of Zoho Desk, which can help governments set up effective grievance response systems and handle all grievances efficiently, creating trust among the public.

"Zoho Desk exceeded our expectations, as promised by Target Integration. We got everything that we wanted. For example, there was nothing that I wanted to do in the system that I couldn't do."

Wajahat Dewani,Founder/CEO of Clearwire

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