DSB Bank increased productivity by 50% with Zoho Desk

Mr. Wayne Fong Ten JingDSB Bank


DSB Bank optimized its ticket management process with Zoho Desk to provide more prompt and efficient responses to customer requests, resulting in improved productivity and an elevated customer experience.  

The company

DSB, or "De Surinaamsche Bank NV," is one of the oldest banks in Suriname, with more than 150 years of banking experience. They provide various retail products, such as transaction accounts, loans, credit and debit cards, and investments. DSB has more than 200,000 customers and is the leading commercial bank in Suriname for retail and corporate banking.  

The challenge

In 2019, DSB Bank implemented a Yeastar private branch exchange (PBX) phone system, which offers multiple inbound and outbound lines to facilitate both internal and external communication. DSB also used Excel files and the Lotus Notes mail application to track and respond to customer inquiries.  

However, with numerous departments and a huge volume of customer requests, the bank's manual ticketing system was becoming overwhelmed. DSB's client contact center found it a herculean task to follow up on issues, close tickets, and create management dashboards capable of tracking it all.  

Recognizing the need for a change, DSB Bank approached Wintel, the trusted Yeastar dealer in Suriname that had installed the PBX system. DSB sought Wintel's guidance to find a solution that would efficiently manage the influx of customer calls and requests.  

Why Wintel recommended Zoho Desk and became a Partner

Wintel understood the complexity of the bank's operations and the need for a comprehensive system. They researched the market and identified Zoho Desk as the best solution due to its seamless integration capabilities and flexible customization options.  

Excited about the opportunity, Wintel joined the Zoho Partner Program and received training from the Zoho Desk support team. This equipped them with the knowledge needed to implement Zoho Desk for DSB.  

Following Wintel's recommendation, DSB's decision-makers conducted a thorough evaluation of Zoho Desk and determined that it offered great value at an affordable price. The solution provided all of the capabilities DSB needed, including due date notifications, ticket follow-ups, SLAs, and other advanced features.  

DSB Bank was also highly satisfied with the implementation completed by Zoho Partner, Wintel. Mr. Wayne Fong Ten Jing, DSB's department manager of facilities and logistics, said "Wintel is highly knowledgeable about Zoho Desk and adept at understanding customer needs."  

The solution

Ticket management through multiple channels

DSB Bank receives tickets through various channels like telephone, email, Bank mail, and Facebook. These tickets are directed to Zoho Desk, where they are assigned to an agent. The agent can then efficiently respond to the customer, follow up on their request, and close the ticket. The management team has also gained the ability to track tickets in real-time and easily locate a work order using the assigned ticket number.  

Dashboards and service-level agreements (SLAs)

DSB Bank has created customized dashboards and reports to get more clarity on the types of tickets the bank receives and how tickets move through different stages of support. For example, they can focus on SLA violations or view tickets by section or by product. DSB has utilized the SLA feature extensively to escalate and learn more about tickets that were not resolved within the stipulated time.  

Multi-department ticketing

After seeing the effectiveness of Zoho Desk in the client contact center, DSB's leadership decided to implement the solution in other areas of the organization. Wintel Management, in collaboration with Zoho, expanded the implementation to nine other departments, including sales and operations. Each department could now generate dashboards and reports within specific timelines, thus increasing transparency throughout the business. What began as a solution for the client contact center evolved into a company-wide transformation.  

Integration between Zoho Desk and Yeastar PBX

Through the seamless integration between Yeastar and Zoho Desk, DSB Bank now has a streamlined process for managing customer requests, from opening new accounts to addressing mobile banking issues. Whenever a call comes in, a ticket is automatically created within Zoho Desk to be addressed by a customer support agent.  

Zoho Desk helps DSB to manage our customers' tickets in an orderly and efficient manner. It gives us tools to oversee possible due dates, track tickets and do follow-ups if needed. It is also able to create very efficient dashboards for managers.  

Mr. Wayne Fong Ten JingDepartment Manager, Facilities and Logistics, DSB Bank

Benefits and ROI

Reduced operational costs

DSB had been struggling with high labor costs due to the heavy customer support workload. After implementing Zoho Desk, they were able to use automation to streamline the process and reduce the number of agents working on support requests.  

Rapid adoption rate

After just eight hours of training, DSB's agents demonstrated extensive proficiency with Zoho Desk and began reporting positive user experiences. The adoption rate for Zoho Desk at DSB stands at an impressive 100%.  

Increased productivity

The overall efficiency and productivity of the agents have increased by 50%, and their customer happiness ratings have also improved.  

  • Industry typeBanking
  • Employees501-1000
  • Type of businessB2C

Looking forward

DSB Bank is excited about the efficiency and enhanced customer service that Zoho Desk brings to their operations. With Zoho Desk's robust features and Wintel's expertise, DSB plans to further streamline their processes and continue delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.  

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