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    "With Zoho Desk, we’ve gotten rid of old spreadsheet processes and really streamlined our customer service functions. It has cut our customer service (response) time almost in half."

    Paul GrimesVP Of Marketing

    "Zoho Desk has helped us provide great support availability across multiple channels, maintain prompt response times, and manage the overall customer experience without breaking a sweat."

    Matt CianfaraniChief Operating Officer
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    "We manage thousands of customer conversations on a daily basis, across channels. With Zoho Desk, we can do this from a single place."

    Shoaib QureshiCustomer Service Head
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    "Zoho Desk helped us track our client's success requests and we are now able to more effectively respond to our clients' needs"

    Alex TolbertCEO

    "Overall Zoho Desk has improved our productivity. It has made communication between team members really easy and that in turn makes it easy for the customer."

    Ryan JohnsonCustomer Success Manager
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    "Using Zoho Desk's structured approach, our team was able to bring down the agent response time from 3 hours to 1 hour in just a year"

    Nitesh GirdharTeam Lead - Customer Experience
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    Case Study

    "With a more structured way to attend every grievance that comes from a migrant worker and being able to see through the process until help is provided, HealthServe is now confident to head out for a larger audience."

    Michael Cheah Executive Director
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    Case Study

    "The average response time for agents before Zoho Desk was seven hours, but with the process in place, the agents are now responding to each ticket within three hours."

    Jim Francis Systems Manager
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    Case Study

    "MAF Papua New Guinea turned to Zoho Desk to initiate the process of organizing overlapping communication across the country. It soon became the go-to intel source for our current operations."

    Todd AebischerCountry Director – Papua New Guinea
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    Case Study

    "At the most fundamental level, Zoho Desk enables us to receive requests from our teams and help them in a timely manner. We love the ability to have a self-service portal where they can look up FAQs and find answers to common questions instantly."

    Daniel IdikayiSystems Manager
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    Case Study

    "We analysed other products in the market but Zoho Desk blended into our organization structure better than anything else."

    Swaroop NaikSenior Manager, Software Development
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    Case Study

    "With the omnichannel setup in Zoho Desk, the IT team in EPNE now has a single point of interaction for all their customers."

    Neil GrayIT Support Manager
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    "I can only recommend Zoho Desk as the best solution currently on the market. It is fast, easy to use, and has all the needed features at a very low cost!"

    Maximilian RichterOperational Improvement Manager

    "This is definitely a professional ticketing system that almost any size company can use."

    Tusshar BastiaFounder & CEO

    "Our company has been trying a lot of help desk apps for a long time, always feeling that something is missing, Zoho Desk helped us to change that."

    Felipe QuicenoCustomer Analytics Manager

    "So far, we're more than satisfied. The integration with Zoho CRM and SalesIQ is problem-free. The app is very easy to match to the own style! It's also very user-friendly. Try the free trial periods, it will not disappoint."

    Melien BoenkClient Services

    "Super intuitive to pick up and use from the go. It was extremely easy to set up the entire team and inform them on how to utilize the basic features of Zoho Help Desk."

    Kirsten S. BarnesDirector of Staffing & Training

    "Zoho Desk has replaced the mode of interactions from emails, phone calls, chats, social media platforms to one single platform. It makes the experience of raising support requests by your customers very easy and supports about 9 international languages."

    Rahul BatraProduct Strategy Manager

    "We migrated our service from another service to Zoho Desk. We like it how it works together with other Zoho services that make our process more streamlined."

    Tan Wee HoeHead of Sales

    "Ease of use, easy setup and good reports. The setup was a charm, was able to integrate with our domain and also we setup a tickets page for our customers."

    Maximiliano DuranCastillo Project Manager

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