Your Sales and Customer Service teams just moved in together!

With Zoho Desk's two-way sync with Zoho CRM, information flows both ways. So your customer service team can provide top-notch support, and your sales team can win more deals, without looking away from their respective screens. And customers get a unified view of the brand.


Knowing is half the battle.

Know who's calling.

In Zoho Desk's Handshake Mode, tickets are organized by which phase of the sales cycle the customer is in. Now you'll know exactly who's reached out – customers, potentials, leads, or new contacts.

Know now. Act now.

Through SalesSignals, your sales reps can be alerted when a customer raises a ticket, when it has been resolved, and when the customer leaves a happiness rating. Know your customer and forge better relationships, in collaboration with your customer service team.

Information is wealth.

Get contact details within tickets.

Often, agents have little to no context on a customer, to be able to respond meaningfully.

In Zoho Desk, detailed customer information gets pulled from CRM, so your agents can put a face to every ticket. Say "Hello" to meaningful conversations!

See tickets within contact details.

For every customer in Zoho CRM, relevant ticket information is pulled in from Zoho Desk, so your sales reps can understand the customer's recent interactions with the company.

Your sales team can easily identify happy customers and find more sales opportunities.

Get them closer.

Need to bump your teams closer still? Enter Custom Functions. You can now set up triggers in one app to performs actions in the other. Written as Deluge code, and maintained by Zoho's infrastructure, Custom Functions will make your apps talk like never before!

Together, deliver better customer experiences.

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