An entire call center, right within your browser

Enhance your agents' capabilities by enabling them to dial, receive, and manage calls directly from the unified interface of Zoho Desk.

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How can you benefit?

  • Reduce phone support costs with automation.
  • Solve complex problems in less time with more context.
  • Improve first contact resolution rates.
  • Serve customers globally by making calls over the web or phone.

Receive and make calls with a click

Say goodbye to manually dialing numbers for calls. Answer and place calls with a click in Zoho Desk.

Incoming call from a customer with an

Perform quick actions with complete customer context

Your agents can look up all the customer information in detail while attending calls and performing actions such as associating calls with existing tickets or creating new ones, describing call summaries, editing contact information, transferring calls to agents, and more from the same screen, improving agent efficiency, and call quality.

Outbound call screen with call functions like

Connect customers to the right agent with IVR

Your customers don't have to wait for long hours or repeat themselves multiple times. With Zoho Desk's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) customers can easily reach the right agent every time they call for customer support.

Call routing using IVR with options like IVR number, menu name, agent, department, IVR read out format, ring type, interval, and repeat count.

Simplify call management

It's quite human to forget following up with your customers, but with Desk you can schedule calls, set reminders and never miss out on staying in touch with your customers.
Call reminder pop up with details like, reminder description, priority, customer name, ticket name, and phone number.

Handle call volumes with simple configurations

Automate and reduce your customer wait times even when call volumes increase. Send automated voice messages when your agents are busy, unavailable, or when calls are initiated during non-business hours. Whether it is a missed call or a customer sent voice mail, all of it gets logged in as tickets, without any manual efforts.

Automated messages typed in the configuration screen for situations like Call activities screen with incoming, outgoing, and unanswered calls, and an open outbound call interaction with customer and ticket details.

Make calls over the web or phone seamlessly

Poor connections, and exorbitant prices can no longer stand in your way of building healthier connections with your customers. Give your agents the flexibility to make calls from the web or phone so they can serve from anywhere with the same efficiency.

User information screen with

Revisit your call center interactions anytime

Recordings hold the key to improvising your customer service. Whether it is learning from past interactions or evaluating the quality of call interactions, you can revisit your call center recordings anytime from the ticket threads.

Ticket details screen including text interaction and call recording.

Integrate with the telephony services provider of your choice

Zoho Desk provides on-premise and cloud telephony providers you can integrate with to manage your call center operations like Twilio, RingCentral, Asterisk, and many more.

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