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10​ steps for making a huge impact on your customer service

How do you talk about, and to, your customers? What phrases do you use to ​communicate with customers, and what do you call them behind...

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The (not so) secret strategy these 10 customer service legends share

If you plan to thrive in the era of the customer, now is the time to improve your customer service. Regardless of how your customers...

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Which customer-obsessed brand are you? Take the quiz and find your match.

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2015: ​The year of the customer

Good riddance​ 2014 and hello 2015. A new year, new beginnings, an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next one,...

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The most painful customer service moments of 2014, and how you can avoid them in 2015

Because you are a consummate overachiever and haven’t read enough year-in-review lists yet, I bring good tidings—and one more list—to you and yours on this...

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Customer service centered around customers, not software. Now that’s zen.

We all know that guy. When he first burst on your social circle’s scene, he was a refreshing change of pace. He was cool. He shared great stories....

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The customer service lessons we must all learn from that Comcast call

​By now, you’ve probably  heard the call that hijacked the Internet last week. If not, let me warn you. It is painful – incredibly painful. ...

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8 tips for measuring (and improving) customer happiness

Dear Newark Airport Express, Not that you care, which you made glaringly obvious during our interactions, but your customer service sucks. Actually, sucks is far...

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7 benefits mobile customer service apps unleash

Seven years ago, I graduated high school. That night with the whole world in front of us, Crandall High School’s Class of 2007, we were...

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Play tag with your tickets

Remember the good old days when you used Post-it Bookmarks to mark your favourite pages of a book? Each color meant something different and there...

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