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The executeXpath() function takes XML/JSON formatted text and XPath as arguments, and returns the values of the desired node from the text.

Return Type

  • TEXT


<variable> = <xml/json>.executeXPath(<xpath>);
ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>TEXTVariable which will contain the returned response.

The XML/JSON formatted text from which the values of the selected node will be returned.

Note: When using a json object, we have to add an additional '/root' node in the script, and the return value is embedded within tags represented by the specified key. This is illustrated in the examples section on this page.

The path to select the required nodes in the XML/JSON formatted text.

An invalid Xpath will return a runtime error.

Example 1: Use XPath to fetch value from XML file

xmlResp = invokeurl  
url : ""  
type : GET  
] ;  
info xmlResp.executexpath("/CATALOG/CD/TITLE");   

Example 2: Use XPath to fetch value from JSON file

jsonResp = invokeurl  
url : ""  
type : GET  
] ;  
info jsonResp.executexpath("/root/address/city");  
// returns <city>Surat</city>

Example 3: Use XPath to fetch attribute value

text = "<a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Harry Potter</a>";  
info text.executeXPath("/a/@href").executeXpath("/href/text()");  
// returns 

Example 4: Use XPath to fetch specific node

xmlString = "<bookstore><book category=\"COOKING\"><title lang=\"en\">Everyday Italian</title><author>Giada De Laurentiis</author><year>2005</year><price>30.00</price></book><book category=\"CHILDREN\"><title lang=\"en\">Harry Potter</title><author>J K. Rowling</author><year>2005</year><price>29.99</price></book><book category=\"WEB\"><title lang=\"en\">Learning XML</title><author>Erik T. Ray</author><year>2003</year><price>39.95</price></book></bookstore>";  
info xmlString.executeXPath("/bookstore/book[3]").executeXPath("/book/title/text()")//Returns the value within the <title> tag of the 3rd node  
// returns Learning XML

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