Fetch record by ID

Get record By ID from Zoho Invoice


This task is used to fetch a record from Zoho Invoice using the record ID.


<variable> = zoho.invoice.getRecordById(<module_name>,<org_ID>,<record_ID>);


ParamsData TypeDescription



specifies the response returned by Zoho Invoice.



specifies the Zoho Invoice's module from which the record will be fetched.

Following are the applicable modules.

ContactsInvoicesCustomer PaymentsItems


(applicable to all Zoho services except Zoho Creator)



specifies the org ID of the organization from which the record will be fetched.



specifies the ID of the record which will be fetched.

Learn how to fetch the record ID after creating or fetching records.




specifies the name of the connection.

*Note: This param is not supported when used in Zoho Creator.


The following script fetches a record from the Zoho Invoice module - Items with record ID - 13144XXXXXXXXXXXX.

response= zoho.invoice.getRecordById("Items", "5368XXXX", "13144XXXXXXXXXXXX");


is the TEXT that represents the module from which the record will be fetched
is the TEXT that represents the organization ID of the Zoho Invoice account from which the record needs to be fetched
represents the ID the record which will be fetched.

Sample Response

  • The following is a sample successresponse:




  • The failure response returned due to incorrect org id is of the following format:
                 "message": "This user is not associated with the CompanyID/CompanyName:537XX."

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