isText - type check function



The isText() function takes an expression as an argument, and returns true if it is a valid text value. Otherwise, it returns false.   

Return Type



<variable> = isText( <expression> );
ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>BOOLEANVariable which will contain the returned boolean value.

The expression which needs to be checked.   

Empty double quotes (with or without spaces) will return true.

Numerical values in double quotes will return false unless accompanied with letters.

List, Key-value, Boolean data types will return null.

Empty single quotes (date and time values) will return null. 


 textValue=isText("Hello");//returns true
 numberText=isText("123");//returns false
 dateText='01-02-2020'.isText();//returns false
 empty=isText("");//returns true

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