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List is a data-type which can hold a collection of values. Each value present in the list is called an element.

A list can contain elements of different types say number, text, date etc. grouped together. You can also restrict the list to only accept values of a specific data-type using special qualifiers. In general, a list provides methods to store, retrieve and manipulate an aggregate of elements.


ZohoProducts = {"Creator", "CRM", "Projects", "Campaigns"};

Elements in a list can be subject to various operations such as:

  • Positional Access - Manipulate elements based on their numerical positional in the list. For example, functions such as contains(), get(), and remove().
  • Search - Search for elements in a list and return their numeric position. For example functions like indexOf(), lastIndexOf().
  • Range - Perform range operations like sublist().
  • Unique functions - Perform unique functions like intersect(), sort(), etc.
  • See this page to find the built-in functions applicable to List data type.
  • See this page to know which Zoho Creator field types are of list data type.

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