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Key-Value data type

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Key-Value is a data-type which holds values based on keys. The keys can be used to retrieve the corresponding values.

Keys must be unique. If the same key is specified again, its value will overwrite the first value.

Both, keys and values can be of any data type.


ZohoProduct = {"Product" : "Creator", "Version" : 5};

The key value pairs can be subject to various operations such as:

  • Key-value pair operations - Perform actions based on the key-value pair. For example, functions such as put(), get() and putAll()
  • Search - Search for key or value return a boolean value. For example, functions such as containKey() and containValue().
  • Range - Perform range operations to return all the keys. For example, keys().
  • Unique functions - Perform unique functions like size() to return the size of the key-value pairs.
  • See this page to find the built-in functions applicable to Key-value data type.

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