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Intelligenter kleiner Kalender für große Social-Media-Pläne.

Von der Überprüfung und Optimierung von Zeitplänen bis hin zur Verwaltung von Publishing-Warteschlangen, die auf jede Marke zugeschnitten sind, erhalten Sie einen vollständigen Überblick über den Inhaltsplan Ihrer Kunden und verwalten Sie ihre Social-Media-Pläne effizient.

Maximieren Sie die Reichweite Ihrer Kunden mit einer Reihe intelligenter Tools für Inhalte.

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Zoho Social is close to perfect for agencies offering social media marketing. The collaboration capabilities with the team makes social approvals happen on time. Communicating with clients in the process is a bonus!

Chantel Beauregard

Creative Director von Brandit360

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Direct Publishing to Instagram, bulk scheduling, multi-channel management, and for agencies like ours, multiple-brand management! I also love that I can add more brands to any package I'm using. It's excellent for agencies who want to manage things simply.

Laurel Steinetz

Chief Content Officer bei Laurel Leaf Studios

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We had an amazing experience on the go. The fact that we could manage all our Brands mostly with 2 social accounts with perfect timing, schedule, and plan productively, too. Thumbs Up! This is a great tool for every small and big agency.

Pedro Assalino

Executive Creative Director

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If you're an agency that has to handle a lot of posts, then I recommend this. The best part about Zoho Social is that we can schedule as many posts in advance as we want. It is also very affordable, easy to use and helps keep all the different posts organized.

Chad M

CEO von Foundation Marketing

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I decided to use Zoho Social after a lengthy research project into all of the social media tools I could find. The ease of posting, the price for the number of brands and platforms I manage, and comprehensive software capacity made this the best choice for my growing business!

CaraJoy N

Social Media-Experte, Tutor Doctor

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I use Zoho Social to manage client social accounts and for brand management; the analytics is very powerful and comprehensive. I love their scheduling tool, and the "brand health" monitor is great for setting benchmarks for social ROI! Highly recommend for anyone, either consultant or an agency.

Tara H. S.

Marketing und Markenmanagement, Advertiise.com.

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