Zoho DataPrep Video Resources

Our videos will help you get started with Zoho DataPrep and guide you on using our important features.

Overviews and demos


Zoho DataPrep overview video

Learn how to get started with Zoho DataPrep in minutes.


Zoho DataPrep add-on overview video

Learn how to get started with using Zoho DataPrep inside Zoho Analytics.


How to prepare ERP data using Zoho DataPrep

Learn how to use Zoho DataPrep to cleanse your ERP data.



How to combine datasets using Append transform

Combine two datasets with similar data structure into a single dataset with append transform.


Clean invalid and duplicate data from your Zoho CRM account

Use Zoho DataPrep to clean your Zoho CRM data with our new connector.


How to apply Pivot in Zoho DataPrep

Learn how to apply pivot to your data in Zoho DataPrep.


How to use window functions in Zoho DataPrep

Learn more on how to use window functions to cleanse your data using Zoho DataPrep


How to combine two datasets using join transformation

There are four types of joins in ZohoDataPrep. Learn which type of join you should use to combine your datasets.


Rollback Zoho CRM data sync from Zoho DataPrep

You can now rollback the latest data export from Zoho DataPrep to Zoho CRM.