Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Effective data preparation ensures that the machine learning algorithms receive high-quality data. This leads to improved model accuracy and robustness. Use our data preparation tool to produce well curated data for your machine learning projects.

Data preparation for Machine Learning - Zoho DataPrep

How modern Data Preparation tools help in Machine Learning projects

Data Preparation tools like Zoho DataPrep allow data professionals to visually and interactively explore, clean, combine, and shape data for training and deploy machine learning models and production data pipelines to accelerate innovation with AI. It cuts down the time to prepare data, such as removing duplicates and removing invalid entries, and allows data scientists to focus on insights and analysis. Teams can collaborate, reuse, and share data sources, datasets, and recipes.

Key steps involved in preparing data for machine learning

  • Remove duplicate data

    Duplicates present in the data are one of the most commonly faced issues during data preparation for machine learning. Zoho DataPrep helps you remove duplicate data by identifying duplicates based on columns or entire rows.

  • Fix invalid and missing data

    Zoho DataPrep enables you to quickly find invalid and missing data using the data quality chart, and helps you to fix them using intelligent suggestions. Fix missing values using a static value, the column average, forward or backward filling techniques or just filter and remove the rows with empty values.

  • Decompose and aggregate

    Split and extract features from a column that are useful to a machine learning model when split into its constituent parts. Certain other features can also be aggregated into a single column when it is meaningful to the ML model.

  • Parse unstructured data

    Data available in the log files or text files can be extracted using smart selection transforms and other text extraction methods available in Zoho DataPrep. The custom pattern syntax helps users express themselves far more effectively compared to regex.

  • Categorize data

    Cluster continuous numeric data into categorical data, by categorizing data into buckets. Create quantile, equally spaced, or custom buckets using DataPrep.

Cleaning data for Machine Learning - Zoho DataPrep
Data preparation to train ML models - Zoho DataPrep
Extract and prepare data for machine learning - Zoho DataPrep
Parse unstructured data - Zoho DataPrep
Bucket and categorize data for machine learning - Zoho DataPrep

Improve your machine learning model's performance with cleaner data

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    Multiple Sources

    Import data into Zoho DataPrep from a variety of sources including files, REST APIs, cloud storage services, databases and FTP servers

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    Improve Data Quality

    Fix data quality issues in your data to improve the accuracy of the machine learning model.

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    Transform and Enrich

    Use 250+ transformations to transform, enrich and prepare your data to cater to machine learning models without any coding.

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    Catalog Data

    Classify and catalog data, and mark datasets that are ready to be used for training your machine learning model.


"Zoho Dataprep has taken the time it takes to clean and import our data from multiple hours down to minutes. I am able to provide my clients better tracking of their key statistics because I now have an automated way to take in their third-party data."

Bob Sullivan JD

COO, Vector Solutions

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