Performance insights for past, present, and future sales.

Zia learns how your business works. Through analytical dashboards, Zia shows you the real-time performance of any aspect of your organization. Get insights for the activities that matter the most and make more informed decisions with Zia.

  • Get real-time performance deviations.
  • Don’t wait for monthly reports to spot errors.
  • Prevent and prepare for future anomalies.

A timeline for any activity.

Has your lead conversion improved? Or are there fewer meetings than usual? Zia answers these questions for you with trend timelines of sales activities. Zia also predicts a future trend from past performance and data in Zoho CRM. These trends are compared against your actual performance to see how every activity affects your sales.

Detect anomalies for any specific use case.

How do you know if there is a sudden drop in deals closed? You don’t have to wait for low sales to figure it out. Using trends, Zia spots anomalies as they happen, in addition to predicting future anomalies that could arise. Anomaly detection can be used for any field in CRM and can be set to spot anomalies for specific criteria, such as the minimum amount you've earned from sales orders during the last quarter of 2017.

Get insights

  • Sales Pipeline

    Lead CreationContact CreationPotential CreationLead ConversionPotentials Closing
  • Amounts

    Deal AmountAnnual RevenueExpected RevenueCommissionDiscounts
  • Emails

    Emails SentEmails OpenedEmails Bounced
  • Goods

    Goods in DemandGoods in Stock
  • Time periods

    Lead Conversion TimeBest Time to ContactSales Cycle Duration
  • Values

    Record Count for ModulesProbability of Deal Closure
  • Resales

    VendorsPrice BooksUnit Price
  • Escalations

  • Activities

    Task ClosureEvent CreationCalls CompletedNotes CreatedCall Duration
  • Campaigns

    Count of CampaignsCampaigns Actual CostCampaigns Budget CostCampaigns SentCampaign Revenue
  • Inventory

    Goods OrderedSales Order StatsPurchase Order StatsInvoice StatsQuotes Sent
  • Forecasts

    TaxQuarterly QuotasForecasts QuotasYearly QuotasAnd more...